Real-Life Sound of Freedom Hero Accuses Biden


Real-Life Sound of Freedom Hero Accuses Biden – White House Hit with Dirty New Scandal

What’s Happening:

If you saw the unexpected Summer hit, Sound of Freedom, you know the name Tim Ballard. The film explored the real-life story of this man, a former DHS agent who fought human traffickers. Today, Ballard is the founder of Operation Underground Railroad, a non-profit devoted to saving children from sex traffickers.

Ballard’s story has been amplified by the successful film. Recently, he appeared before Congress to speak on the ongoing crisis affecting children around the world. Despite the mainstream media’s refusal to discuss it, child trafficking is happening even in the United States. And Ballard, speaking before our nation’s leaders, accused Joe Biden of having a hand in it.

From The Post Millennial:

Tim Ballard, former DHS agent, founder of Operation Underground Railroad and the man depicted in the hit anti-trafficking film Sound of Freedom, told Congress on Wednesday that Biden administration’s handling of the crisis at the US border has essentially made it a “child-trafficking delivery service.”

… He added that “despite the hard work and success” of agents on the ground, it is “vividly clear” that “US border security and broken US policy are feeding the growth of human trafficking in the United States.”

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Former DHS agent and anti-child trafficking advocate Tim Ballard testified before Congress about child sex trafficking going on right now at the U.S. border. He strongly condemned the Biden administration’s inability to defend the border and enforce immigration law.

Because of the White House’s lax attempts at keeping out cartels and human smugglers, Ballard accused it of becoming a “child trafficking delivery service.”

Ballard explained that a lack of physical barriers across most of the border makes it easy for traffickers to smuggle women and children into the U.S. When traffickers try to get through at ports of entry–where there is law enforcement–the chances of rescuing victims is much higher.

But because there are miles of the U.S. border that have no protection, it is simply a matter of crossing with victims.

Numerous reports have detailed the border crisis since Biden took office. Republicans, especially those who govern border states, have raised the alarm. Millions of migrants have illegally crossed the border since 2021. The Biden administration has been repeatedly criticized for neglecting to prevent these entries.

Shockingly, the presidency has seemingly done little to address this international crisis. The media appears complicit in covering up, based on how it has ridiculed and slandered Ballard’s film and message. Despite this, thousands of women and children continue to be at risk.

Key Takeaways:

  • Former DHS agent Tim Ballard accused Biden of making the border a “child trafficking delivery service.”
  • Ballard spoke before Congress, revealing how the unprotected border is being exploited by sex traffickers.
  • Democrats and the media have tried to discredit Ballard and the film about his work, Sound of Freedom.

Source: The Post Millennial