Racist Cow Booted from State Fair after Black Activists Demand Retribution


(Mark Pellin, Headline USA) A social media mob led by a race-baiting civil rights huckster incited calls for violent retribution after an allegedly racist cow won an award at the annual Wisconsin State Fair, forcing officials to issue a kowtowing public apology and blackball the offending bovine from the premises.

The cancel culture grilling started earlier this month when a fair-goer noticed the cow’s name and posted a picture on social media.

“We’re walking through the dairy barn, enjoying ourselves, and came across the nameplate and was kind of taken aback,” David Blake told a Wisconsin ABC affiliate.

“It’s one of those words, one of those few words that should be totally off limits. I mean, there’s a big one that we all know, and I think it’s on the same level,” he said.

Sensing an opportunity to kindle racial discord, the self-proclaimed Milwaukee’s Malcom X had a serious beef with the alleged racist cow and the white supremacists at the state fair who allowed it into the fold.

Facebook screenshot

“Ummmm Wisconsin State Fair this s*** has to come down. ASAP,” Vaun L Mayes demanded on Facebook. “Quit playing in our face. We KNOW this term is derogatory.”

The cow, which won an award in the fair’s junior division for adolescents, was originally named Jigaboo, according to the image posted online. The largely outdated and obscure term would likely have gone unnoticed, until it was twisted into the twine used for a social media lynching.

“The ways they keep trying to disrespect us in our face,” accused one Facebook reply, while another demanded, “Dude what?? How many people let that shit slide? WTF”

The responses quickly escalated with calls for protests and a boycott, prompting officials to not only issue a groveling apology, but also boot the cow from the state fair.

“We do not tolerate or condone this behavior and took swift and deliberate action to rectify this situation,” a spokesperson said in a statement. “The exhibitor who showed this animal was part of our junior show and is no longer at the State Fair. We are sorry this happened and was not brought to our attention sooner.”

The apology did little to sate the online mob, and responses grew increasingly violent. “Out of all places they better stop playing they don’t want no Milwaukee brawl nie,” warned one activist.

Multiple posts referred to the mayhem wrought at a recent Alabama riverboat racial melee, where one black brawler was seen using a metal chair as a weapon.

“This a chair special waiting to happen,” threatened one poster outraged by the racist cow, while another encouraged activists to “Get the folding chair,” and another called for a “Caravan????” implying a march on the state fair, or perhaps a protest at the home of the adolescent who entered Jigaboo, which the family was forced to rename “Puzzle” and offer a public apology for “the racially insensitive term we used to name one of our cows,” in hopes of appeasing the mob.

“We now recognize that use of this word is unacceptable and harmful,” the statement added. “Immediately upon learning the meaning of this term, we changed the cow’s name. We are committed to educating ourselves further.”

The response was rebuffed, with one activist declaring “The cap has been thrown and WE got chairs on deck. What are WE waiting for?” Another Facebook post featured a folding chair used as a beacon call to action.

Facebook screenshot

The manufactured race-baiting didn’t go unchallenged and received its own dose of backlash, with one commentator noting the hypocrisy of the outrage, writing “You got rid of the cow, Aunt Jemima syrup, and Uncle Ben’s rice. Y’all are on a roll!” Now, how about going after rap music that’s offensive to black women?”

When a commentator came to the family’s defense and offered a reasoning behind the cow’s moniker, Milwaukee’s Malcom X and his posse of race-agitators couldn’t let it drop.

“The cow’s name is an amalgamation of the names of the ‘parent’ cows: Sire (Male): Duckett Crush Tatoo Dam (Female): Milgene Beemer Jiggly,” a post explained, adding it was likely “this pre-teen girl doesn’t even know” what the archaic offensive term meant.

Facebook screenshot

“This is a slang term that has been mostly out of favor, especially here in the north, since the 1950s. So, please, put your rainbow flags and pitchforks away and grow up,” the commentator advised.

“So how u get boo out of tattoo. try again muddasucka. The worst attempt to whitesplain ever,” whined Milwaukee’s Malcom X, and was backed by his acolytes. “Disgusting and All they gone do is lie we’re sick of the reasoning and lies too,” aped one.

The racist gaslighting led one commentator to exit the Facebook thread, putting a cap on the faux outrage and misplaced criticisms.

“The real Malcom X would laugh in Milwaukee’s Malcom X wannabes face for getting his panties in a wad over a child’s pet cow name rather than the real issues at hand,” the poster wrote.

Mark Pellin is an editor at Headline USA. Follow him at twitter.com/sabrepaw70.