Princeton Launches ‘Drag University’ to Train Students in ‘Art’ of Cross-Dressing


(Molly Bruns, Headline USA) Princeton University, the storied, Ivy League institution, recently launched a “Drag University” program in order to instruct students in the so-called “artform” of drag performance.

The university offered the program through the Gender + Sexuality Resource Center, according to the College Fix.

The curriculum included classes such as the history of drag, sewing courses, choreography, face painting, photoshoots and other courses along similar lines.

Princeton even offered scholarships to the first six applicants accepted into the program, covering all of their costs for clothing, makeup and other apparently necessary class items.

“Sessions will be taught by local drag performers, on campus partners who know their way around machines, and other students,” states an Instagram post advertising the program. “This program is open to undergraduate and graduate students.”

The course listed no mandatory prerequisites, mentioned no concern for students’ age and took two semesters for students to complete, according to PJ Media.

Reporters from the College Fix reached out to the school’s media division in an attempt to find out where the money for scholarships originated and how many students had enrolled, but they received no response. However, an online registration form for scholarships said that it had reached its capacity.

The GRSC described itself as “a supportive and inclusive campus community for women, femme, trans, and queer Princetonians through collaborative programming, education, advocacy, and mentorship,” and claimed that they work to resist “sexism, cissexism, heteronormativity and other intersecting forms of oppression on campus and beyond.”

Q’nnections was another GSRC program that aimed to pair LGBT mentors and students together in order to build community.

Princeton charges $83,140 per year.

The university recently fired a tenured professor who voiced concerns about activists on campus.

Professor Joshua Katz called the Princeton Black Justice League “a small terrorist organization” and said he was “embarrassed for” his colleagues who signed a letter stating that “Anti-Blackness is foundational to America.”

The school claimed to have canned him for a relationship with a student that allegedly took place over a decade ago.