Pride No More: June 2nd is Ex-Gay Visibility Day


Now this is something you won’t hear from main news media.


Because they defend the LGBTQ cult to the death.

AND they don’t want to acknowledge any ‘apostates’, those that were once members but now reject LGBT lifestyle and repented of their ways.

That’s a BIG NO-NO to them.

It goes against their agenda/doctrine that you’re born that way, so how can you leave?

It’s a lie to ensure they retain membership.

So, on June 2nd, these ‘apostates’ will have their own Visibility Day.

This was suggested by Jennifer Roback Morse, president of The Ruth Institute, in response to Biden’s announcement of Trans Day of Visibility.

Liberals are sure to lose their mind over this.

Life Site: Reclaiming ‘Pride Month’: June 2 is ‘Ex-Gay Visibility Day’

— Ian Hansen 🇺🇸🇺🇸 (@IanHansenFeed) June 1, 2024

We invite priests and pastors to mention this on Sunday and spread the word!

Ex-Gay Visibility Day: First Sunday in June

— OnePeterFive (@OnePeterFive) June 1, 2024

The Daily Signal reports:

Next month, companies will add rainbow flags to their icons and logos, the White House will hold events celebrating LGBTQ individuals, and Target and other stores will likely promote rainbow-themed merchandise. Amid all this “Pride,” the men and women who rejected a homosexual lifestyle will be forgotten.

Why should “Pride” have the entire month of June? That’s a question Jennifer Roback Morse, president of The Ruth Institute, asked herself. She came to the conclusion that if so much of America’s culture is going to celebrate people who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender, she might as well highlight the Americans who rejected those identities.

Morse has christened the first Sunday in June (which is June 2 this year) “Ex-Gay Visibility Day,” in a fitting response to the White House’s commemoration of “Transgender Day of Visibility.”

“It’s not politically correct to talk about ex-LGBT people,” Morse says in a press release provided early to The Daily Signal. “To the gay lobby, they don’t exist, or they’re just lying to themselves or were never really gay in the first place. But I have met many people who have journeyed away from an LGBT identity and are living happy, fulfilled lives with opposite-sex partners.”

Morse mentions research from Father Paul Sullins, a Roman Catholic priest, senior research associate at The Ruth Institute, and former sociology professor at Catholic University, who found that sexual orientation is more malleable than LGBTQ activists claim. The “born this way” narrative doesn’t match up with the results of Sullins’ research.

Sullins previously told The Daily Signal that he doesn’t encourage lesbians, gays, or bisexuals to try to change their sexual orientation unless they feel uncomfortable about it. He emphasized that efforts to change sexual orientation don’t always work, but—contrary to the LGBTQ narrative—they do occasionally succeed.

“When people attempt to change sexual orientation, it is fully successful in my studies about 17 to 20% of the time,” Sullins said. “Most persons who undergo it, meaning about 60 to 65%, report that they are less caught up in homosexual attractions and behaviors and activity.”

Sullins noted that about 30% of the 1,500 lesbians, gays, and bisexuals in a 2020 study on sexual orientation said that they have tried to change their sexual orientation and about 10% said they agreed with this statement: “If I could be completely heterosexual, I would want to do that.”

“So there is a minority of the gay population who wants to change, is not happy with living the way that they’re living,” Sullins said.

Looks like members keep leaving this cult.

But the media is RADIO SILENT about it.

Kind of explains the hard push to recruit more among the youth.

There are more ex-gays and lesbians than there are current gays and lesbians. Therefore we’re celebrating ex-gay visibility day.

— Take America Back (@TakeAmericaBac2) June 1, 2024

The Establishment’s & Disney’s push to indoctrinate the kids into LGBTQ continues…

This blow-up bear in b*ndage gear is sitting outside the @CrownePlaza in Disney Springs.
We called the hotel and they told us it was for a private pride event but that the bear will remain up throughout the entire weekend.

.@CrownePlaza why are you subjecting young children to…

— Libs of TikTok (@libsoftiktok) May 31, 2024

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