Pentagon Can’t Find Leaked Docs Exposing Biden’s Lies about Ukraine War


(Ken Silva, Headline USA) Ordering alleged Pentagon leaker Jack Teixeira to remain in pretrial detention, a U.S. judge noted Friday that the U.S. government still hasn’t recovered all of the secret records Teixeira allegedly published on a Discord server.

“The government has not found any of the physical documents Teixeira allegedly printed, nor has it located the hard drive from Teixeira’s home computer, or the digital copies of documents Teixeira may have stored electronically and then posted online,” Indira Talwani said in a Friday order.

Talwani expressed concern that Teixeira could have the records destroyed or disappeared if let out of prison. She cited government’s allegations that he replaced his cell phone shortly before his arrest. The cell phone he used previously has not been located, according to the judge.

Talwani further cited Teixeira’s alleged “weapons cache”—of which the government refuses to publish evidence, as Headline USA reported last month—as a reason to keep him caged.

The documents allegedly leaked by Teixeira show, among other things, that the U.S. has boots on the ground in Ukraine, that the U.S. the Biden administration spied on Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy and that the war there was going worse for Ukraine that officials were saying publicly—while shoveling more than $100 billion toward that effort.

But instead of being hailed as a whistleblower for exposing Biden’s lies and malfeasance, mainstream media outlets and Democrat politicians have accused him of being a traitor. The New York Times and government-funded publication Bellingcat went as far as help the FBI identify Teixeira as the alleged leaker.

Since then, the FBI has reportedly been visiting the homes of people who posted stories about the leaked Pentagon documents in an “intimidating” attempt to remove such content from the internet.

SpyTalk reported earlier this month that one of its readers, former U.S. Army “information warfare expert” Paul Cobaugh, was visited by the FBI last week over an article he posted on his LinkedIn account about the Pentagon leaks in April.

Cobaugh said the FBI agents’ visit “scared the hell out of my wife and still does.”

“I believe it was a message of sorts,” he told SpyTalk, adding that he refuses to be intimidated.

“Me, I’m too damn old and stubborn to quit the fight for truth and integrity,” he said.

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