Parents Pulling Daughters from High School Sports Team After Trans Athlete Leaves Them Battered


A group of parents at a Wisconsin high school is blasting their school district for allowing a male student to play as a girl this year fearing that he will endanger their daughters’ safety, and some of the parents are warning they won’t allow their daughters to play their sport over the fears.

The parents of three girls are saying flat out that their daughters will likely not play this coming year if the district allows the boy to play on the girls’ team. Critics of the district say that officials are putting the girls in physical danger and taking away a spot to play from a real girl by allowing a boy to play as a girl.

Parent Ryan Gusick, for instance, worried about his daughter’s safety.

“They’re just not used to the ball coming at them that hard,” he said of the girls who fear the power of a male body playing with them. “A lot of these girls are specifically quitting this team because they’re concerned for their safety,” he added, according to WTAQ radio.

Mother Heather Longlais added that the boy — whose name and sport is being withheld in reports to protect his identity — is far more powerful than the girls who would be on the team with him, according to WLUK-TV.


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Longlais said she isn’t opposed to transgender athletes having a “seat at the table,” but she insists that table should not be “the girls’ table.”

Gusick added that the teen girls are also concerned about a boy parading his male genitalia in the girls’ locker room.

“There’s a lot of concern from a fair amount of the girls about that situation in itself,” he said.

Regardless, the three sets of parents say they are taking action.

Should transgenders be allowed to compete against females?

Yes: 1% (4 Votes)

No: 99% (383 Votes)

The district supplied WLUK-TV with a statement claiming that any decision on the trans student will be made in accordance with federal Title IX rules and also noted that the state allows trans athletes.

“[The district] cares about the well-being of every student,” the district said in its statement. “All decisions regarding a student’s ability to participate in co-curricular athletics/activities are made in accordance with Title IX law, Board policy, and WIAA [Wisconsin Interscholastic Athletic Association] regulations.”

Fox News noted that the Wisconsin Interscholastic Athletic Association’s transgender policy addresses “equity,” “physical safety,” and “competitive equity” for transgender students. The policy also recognizes that “biological males or androgen-supplemented biological females are typically stronger and faster than biological females.”

The policy states that any biological boy must have “one calendar year of medically documented testosterone suppression therapy to be eligible to participate on a female team.”

Still, other local residents support the boy’s quest to join the girls’ team.


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Kathy Heath and Kiana Pamanet both said they know the boy and are confident his participation would be fine, WGBA-TV reported.

Heath also scoffed at the safety concerns, saying, “There was never any concerns before brought up about safety of the other athletes, so this is news to us.”

Despite a meeting held last Thursday by the district in which parents were told that they won’t have a choice in the matter, Ryan Gusick said that he is now, more than ever, he is sure that his daughter will not play for the school in the coming school year.

“I think it really reaffirmed the fact that they’re just not going to play,” Gusick told the NBC affiliate. “They’re too concerned mostly about the locker room situation in itself, and the safety concern.”

This continues to be a hot-button issue, but it is one our schools have fallen behind in addressing because several pro sports leagues are finally waking up and realizing how unfair it is that men claiming to be women are playing as women and so easily beating every woman they face.

Just this year, for instance, the Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI) officially banned male-born athletes from competing as women.

And last year both International Rugby and the Pro Disc Golf Association also banned men identifying as women or placed heavier restrictions preventing them from playing as women. In addition, the International Swimming Federation enacted more stringent restrictions that nearly eliminated all trans athletes from competing as women.

So, as our schools continue to engineer the destruction of girls’ sports to satisfy the activist left’s agenda, real sports organizations are beginning to pull back from blanket acceptance of trans athletes. And for the sake of our children, these schools should take notice.

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