Only 25% Say Biden Responded Well To Hamas Attacks – 48% Say It Was A Bad Idea To Host Barbecue At White House


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Americans are not happy with Joe Biden’s handling of Hamas’ attacks on Israel.

A new poll found that only 25% of Americans think he handled it well.

He hosted a barbecue the following day.

48% said this was a bad decision with another 45% saying it didn’t matter or they weren’t sure if it was a good idea or not.

J.L. Partners polled 1,000 Americans from October 10 to 12 to gauge their views on Biden's response to the slaughter in Israel. Only a quarter said he had done well

The Daily Mail reported:

Americans take a dim view of Joe Biden’s handling of what could yet be the biggest foreign policy crisis of his presidency so far, with only a quarter saying he responded well to the Hamas attack on Israel.

Instead, some 37 percent said he had handled events badly, according to an exclusive poll for

Biden is under intense pressure for the way he reacted after Hamas terrorists rampaged across Israel last Saturday morning, murdering 1,200 people.

Some 48 percent said it was wrong to host a White House barbecue on Sunday, although 45 percent said it didn’t matter or they didn’t know whether it was a good idea or not.