One woke pattern in Hollywood got damaged with this damning video


Photo by Emmanuel Appiah by means of Unsplash

Hollywood is seeing a dry spell at the box office.

Fans are rebelling.

And one woke pattern in Hollywood got ruined with this damning video.

Disney’s franchise juggernauts like Star Wars and Marvel are drawing wind in terms of ticket sales.

The House of Mouse’s last 10 movies reportedly lost almost $2 billion dollars.

It’s not tough to see why.

Fans rebelled over the truth that Disney cared more about woke casting and making sure every identity politics group was represented on screen instead of making great motion pictures.

And South Park just lampooned Disney’s obsession with variety and addition with Eric Cartman having a problem where he resides in a world where Disney characters race and gender switched everyone to make certain they were all minority women or experienced gender identity.

Cartman described his problem as “Disney executives who replace everybody you like with diverse women who complain about the patriarchy.”

In the episode, Cartman also compared extremely unpopular Disney executive Kathleen Kennedy– who supervises of the Star Wars and Indiana Jones franchises– to a monster.

“Will you inspect under the bed and ensure there are no Disney executives under there?” Cartman declared. “I’m afraid Mother! Will you please just look and make certain Kathleen Kennedy isn’t under my bed!”

“I’ve informed you there’s no such thing as Disney executives who replace everyone you enjoy with diverse females who grumble about the patriarchy. Now be a huge young boy,” Cartman’s mommy responded.

Kathleen Kennedy is a polarizing figure in fandom.

When Disney bought Lucas Movie and got the rights to Star Wars, Kennedy declared that the “force is female.”

Kennedy oversaw the Star Wars follow up trilogy where the all-powerful female lead Rey showed unlikeable and out of favor.

The films also emasculated lead characters from the original trilogy Luke Skywalker and Han Solo.

Kennedy’s films represented Han Solo– the flamboyant loveable rogue from A Brand-new Hope, Empire Strikes Back, and Return of the Jedi— as a deadbeat daddy.

Rian Johnson’s The Last Jedi showed Luke as a loser living a life of isolation, stopping working to train the next generation of force users following the fall of the Empire in Return of the Jedi.

Kennedy likewise damaged the Indiana Jones franchise.

Last summertime’s Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny developed into of the all-time ticket office bombs as rumors that the movie would see Harrison Ford’s Indiana Jones pass to the torch to Phoebe Waller’s character so the franchise could continue with a female lead poisoned the well leading to fans declining to see the movie.

Test screenings apparently went so badly that Disney had to invest hundreds of countless dollars to reshoot the movie and make it so Harrison Ford ended the film as Indiana Jones and eliminated all tips that a lady would presume his mantle.

The woke ideology in Disney movies is now a popular culture joke in addition to harmful at package workplace.