Olivia Dunne revealed the one huge scare that has her worried about her security


Photo by Eric Rothermel from Unsplash

Louisiana State gymnast Olivia Dunne is among the most well-known college professional athletes in America.

However Dunne has likewise experienced the dark side of fame.

And Olivia Dunne revealed the one huge scare that has her concerned about her safety.

Dunne boasts one of the biggest social media following in college sports.

Between Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter Dunne boasts over 11 million fans.

Dunne likewise signed name, image, and similarity deals worth an estimated $3.3 million.

But in an interview with Elle.com, Dunne confessed that heading into her senior year at LSU she can no longer participate in classes personally due to issues about over-aggressive fans threatening her security as it might become dangerous for people to understand Dunne’s class schedule and where she was supposed to be at any given time on any offered day.

“There were some terrifies in the past, and I just wish to be as careful as possible. I don’t desire individuals to understand my daily schedule and where I am,” Dunne confessed.

Dunne was not happy about this as she only has one year of college left and wants the full experience.

“I understand it’s concerning an end, so I’m trying to take in every last memory I can, however I’m likewise excited to see what the future holds,” Dunne added.

Dunne stated stress over her safety started to turn up in 2015 after a meet between Utah and LSU.

Fans of Dunne peppered Olympic Gold Medalist Kathy Johnson Clark with concerns about whether she was Dunne’s mother.

The mother of a Utah gymnast grumbled about how Dunne’s fans treated her daughter.

Dunne took to social media and informed her fans that while she appreciated their support they required to be considerate of the other professional athletes throughout satisfies.

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