‘OFFER ME A BREAK’: Vivek Stuns CNN Host Into Silence After Schooling Her


2024 GOP presidential prospect Vivek Ramaswamy provided CNN’s Abby Phillip an on-air shellacking when she tried to stroll the articulate business person into an evident ‘gotcha’ concern.

Throughout a CNN NewsNight interview, Phillip raised former President Donald Trump’s description of “the extreme left criminals that live like vermin within the boundaries of our nation.” Obtaining a page from the New Republic, she asked “Do you think that is, as your Republican colleague Chris Christie said, ‘Neo-Nazi rhetoric’?”

Ramaswamy’s reaction was explosive.

“This is a traditional mainstream media move. Pick some specific phrase of Donald Trump. Focus on actually that word without really questioning the compound of what’s at concern,” he began.

“The word was chosen for a factor. It’s really describing a series of behaviors. You have Antifa and other related groups that have been burning down cities for the last 3 years in this country. They’re breaking the rule of law. We have an invasion on our southern border. We have millions of individuals crossing our southern border. “

He concluded by chiding the CNN anchor, “Let’s talk about the compound.”

Throughout the same interview, Phillip and Ramaswamy had already sparred over previous UN Ambassador Nikki Haley’s claim that he doesn’t like ladies. Phillip played a clip of Haley suggesting that Ramaswamy “may have a lady problem,” citing his attacks on his GOP Main challenger from the debate stage along with his open disdain for Republican National Committee Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel and liberal NBC News moderator Kristen Welker.

Phillip discussed,”Okay, so she’s laying out 3 different ladies that you have actually attacked. Why is she wrong?”

He responded to, “Well, she also left off that list Dick Cheney, Lindsey Graham, Karl Rove, John Bolton. The genuine issue exists’s an old, neocon wing of the Republican Celebration that I have actually been clear vital of, and what makes me crack up about Nikki Haley is that she declares to shun identity politics, yet welcomes it when it’s practical,” according to Mediaite.

“So yes, Ronna McDaniel, if she’s lost the last 4 elections after she took over as chairwoman of the RNC in 2017, and she lost in 2018, and 2020, and 2022, and 2023, I don’t care if she’s a man or female. She should have to be held responsible.”

Phillip rotated, recalling that it was Trump who endorsed McDaniel to take over the RNC. Ramaswamy promptly responded, “Is Ronna McDaniel the best-qualified person to be leading the Republican Party on that record when her salary has tripled in the meantime? No, she is not, and I’m not going to apologize for that. And I think it is a shame when those who declare to distance themselves from identity politics use identity politics when it’s convenient for them.”

As previously reported by Trending Politics, Ramaswamy released the website www.FireRonna.com to encourage Republicans to oust the party Chairwoman.

In a news release to The Daily Caller, he said, “I am ill and tired of this Republican Establishment that has actually made us a celebration of losers. Where is the accountability for many years of losing: 2018, 2020, 2022 and now 2023.”

He added, “On the dispute stage, I called on Ronna Romney McDaniel to resign. Now, I’m asking grassroots conservatives across the country to join me so she can feel the power of individuals. It’s time to stop the culture of surrender and losing. Resign, Ronna!”