Noise of Flexibility’s Tim Ballard said two words that sent out Joe Biden into a rage


Trump White House Archive, Public Domain, by means of Flickr

The hit motion picture Noise of Liberty is raising awareness about the scaries of human trafficking.

That’s leading to some unpleasant discussions for Democrats.

And Sound of Flexibility’s Tim Ballard said 2 words that sent out Joe Biden into a rage.

Sound of Liberty has become the surprise film hit of the summertime.

The movie is based upon the real story of previous Homeland Security representative Tim Ballard who left the government to rescue children from sex traffickers in Colombia.

Speaker of your home Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) held a private screening of the motion picture for members of Congress including Ballard and its lead star Jim Caviezel, who stars as Ballard in the movie.

McCarthy and Ballard held a conversation on battling human trafficking before the movie.

Ballard ripped President Joe Biden’s open border policies for “incentivizing traffickers” at the occasion.

“The border policies that we have in this nation are in fact incentivizing traffickers,” Ballard informed Fox News. “If you’re an unaccompanied minor entering into this nation and you’re launched to anyone, this is extremely dangerous.”

He indicated a recent modification in policy by Homeland Security that allowed an agreement for DNA testing at the southern border to end.

The program was begun during the Trump administration after it was discovered that Mexican drug cartels were using children to create fake households to get across the border.

30% of adult illegals were found to be not related to the children that accompanied them.

A whistleblower in the Health and Person Services (HHS) Department stated that the government was handing off unaccompanied minors discovered at the border to unvetted people, many of whom are solidified crooks.

McCarthy applauded the movie and said it could motivate Congress to do something about it to combat human trafficking.

“Human trafficking ought to not be a partisan problem, we need to conserve our kids,” McCarthy said. “And this film, I hope, would motivate both people on both sides of the aisle to recognize what requires to get done to fix this problem.”

Members of both parties in your home were invited to the screening but every Democrat gave the movie the cold shoulder.

McCarthy said that protecting the border was the first action to take to combat child trafficking.

“The first thing you truly want to do is protect the border because right now lots of kids are being trafficked into America since they believe the border to be open,” McCarthy said.

The House Speaker regreted that the GOP passed numerous good border security bills that passed away in the Senate under Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY).

The New York City Times reported that under Biden there’s been a rise in the exploitation of illegals for kid labor.

85,000 unaccompanied minors that turned up at the border have actually been lost by the Biden routine.

Joe Biden’s reckless open border policies are fueling a huge rise in the exploitation of kids.

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