Newsom Humiliated After Making Ridiculous Claim


Newsom Humiliated After Making Ridiculous Claim – Woke Gov Wrecked by 1 Hard Fact

What’s Happening:

You’ve probably seen pictures of what is going on in many major cities. The downtowns of once beloved cities have turned into shanty towns. Homelessness has become an epidemic in blue cities. Countless homeless are living in tents, right outside businesses, offices, and public services. It’s becoming so bad, that many businesses and residents are fleeing.

The reason for this crisis is obvious. Democrats legalized drugs, refused to enforce laws and prevented police officers from clearing away these encampments. Governor of California Gavin Newsom claims his cities have the solution to this problem, but federal judges are blocking them. Except… he forgot one important fact.

From Breitbart:

California Gov. Gavin Newsom blamed federal judges for refusing to let state and local governments clear homeless encampments from the streets — but many of the judges involved are liberals, or Democratic Party appointees…

In San Francisco, the city was blocked from clearing homeless camps last December by U.S. Magistrate Judge Donna Ryu. She was appointed in 2010 by judges in the Northern District of California during President Barack Obama’s push to hire more women and minorities.

Yikes. Gov. Newsom claims that federal courts block “local efforts to clear street encampments.” He wants us to believe that Democrats are working to solve the homeless crisis. But those mean federal judges won’t let them!

Sounds a lot like the anti-judicial rhetoric coming from all corners of the left, these days. It seems Democrats are trying to undermine trust in our judicial system, so they can pack the courts or do whatever they want to them.

But in reality, those courts blocking efforts to clear away tent cities are run by liberal judges. Recent rulings blocking police from breaking up these encampments came from Democrat-appointed judges, ones picked by Clinton or Obama.

So… it’s Gavin’s own party’s fault, huh? But that ignores the fact that in many cities, Democrat lawmakers have banned cops from clearing away the homeless. That’s the case in many parts of the West Coast. And homeless are flocking to these cities, because they are promised handouts with no strings attached.

Perhaps Gavin needs to educate himself more before he makes such wild statements.

Key Takeaways:

  • Newsom blamed federal judges for blocking local efforts to clear away tent cities.
  • Most of the federal judges blocking efforts are liberal or Democrat-appointed.
  • Blue cities are suffering from a homeless crisis, thanks to liberal-driven policies.

Source: Breitbart