NEW: Trump Scores Recommendation From West Virginia’s Most Prominent Republican


Governor Jim Justice(R-WV)has endorsed Donald Trump’s 2024 bid for the presidency. Guv Justice required to Twitter to declare that” [t] he management and success showed by President Trump could not be more different than what we see today under Joe Biden. I support President Trump and firmly believe he will be our candidate and be re-elected as our next President.”

In an audio recording attached to the Twitter post, Justice could be heard stating” If President Biden were my dad, I would not allow him [to run] There was no way that I could allow him to embarrass himself and advance in this job. There’s no way. I imply, President Biden is really challenged and you know others are pulling the strings in every way, but anything we touch practically is ending up being hazardous, whether it be Afghanistan, the border, all the different things, the energy on and on and on … I think President Trump will be the candidate and I think he’ll be our next president, and I’m very enthusiastic about it.”

Jim Justice has actually been a really singing fan of the former president and published back in May that “I’m proud to support President Donald J. Trump! President Trump protected our Southern Border, developed a strong and flourishing economy, and supported West Virginia coal, gas, and oil to accomplish American energy independence. West Virginia is Trump country.”

President Trump handled to win West Virginia by landslide margins in the 2016 and 2020 election. Similarly, Trump brought every county in the state both times.

Guv Justice turned to the Republican politician Celebration back in 2017 and revealed his intent to flip with then-President Donald Trump on the phase. “Today, I will inform you, with great deals of prayers and great deals of thinking, I can’t assist you any longer being a Democrat guv … [s] o tomorrow, I will be altering my registration to Republican” declared the guv of the Mountain State.

One Democratic pal of Governor Justice said about the guy’s decision at the time, “I have not discussed this circumstance with him to know what moved him to switch parties, however suffice it to say that much of West Virginia’s been voting in this manner. However most of the state is signed up Democrats, so I make sure he checked out the political winds.” Those winds blow Republican red.

Jim Justice is also a candidate for a federal office. He is running in the Republican primary for Senator to the United States Congress.