Needed: An ambassador-at-large for the unborn, Part 2


Editor’s note: In Part 1, titled, “The power to create a voice for the unborn is within our grasp,” Anthony LoBaido calls for the creation of an Ambassador-at-large for the unborn who would speak for the world’s most vulnerable at the United Nations.

In Part 2, LoBaido addresses the fatalistic negativity of alleged “overpopulation,” a lack of resources and other factors that can be successfully addressed with bold actions that don’t require eliminating billions of people. LoBaido posits that humanity can marshal the intellectual, technological, financial and organizational capacity to chart a new and positive course for the future.

“First they ignore you. Then they insult you. Then they attack you. Then you win.”


The murder of the most vulnerable of humans – tiny precious babies in the womb – as championed by President Joseph Biden, Kamala Harris (the first vice president to campaign at an abortion clinic), the transnational elite and the World Economic Forum, can be reversed through the presentation of a positive pro-life narrative.

This narrative can – in part – be articulated by an “ambassador-at-large for the unborn” speaking for them at the United Nations, with each nation having the option of adding its own representative to this portfolio.

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It is obvious we live in a dysfunctional society. Globally, the transnational elites claim there are too many of us. They say we need to eat bugs and live in “15-minute cities.” In the U.S., the cultural elites hate masculine men, naturally attractive-feminine women (especially homemakers) and innocent babies.

Our “leaders” want people to poison and cut up their babies, even after they are born, and sell off the body parts. We’ve had over 1.7 billion abortions on planet Earth since 1980. Not one of those babies had a voice in his or her sentencing with the death penalty in the most brutal manner possible, aka the horrific “silent scream.”

Deconstructing the ‘Official’ Narrative

Joe Biden recently made the sign of the cross at a pro-abortion rally. With that in mind, let all normal people pivot to this Cosmopolitan narrative about women (remember this magazine is largely aimed at teenage girls) getting an abortion as a “Satanic ritual.” Read and study it carefully. Satanists consider abortion to be sacred. The federal government, under “Catholic” Joe Biden, protects the Satanists, while leveraging the FBI against traditional Catholics.

Abortion is a divisive national and global issue. Watch as Ohio residents cheer their “successful” vote on killing babies, jumping up and down like the Duke vs. UNLV March Madness finale of yesteryear. We’ve witnessed American college girls dance and laugh as they promise to kill their babies. Watch it here. Some in Ireland celebrated legalizing abortion as if they had just won the Super Bowl. Look at them here. Argentina also voted to legalize abortion – just look as they cheer their “new normal” of killing babies in a wild celebration. Some even drank champagne to celebrate.

Argentina and Ireland were once two of the most Catholic countries in the world. Recall the Treaty of Tordesillas, when the pope divided the entire Earth between Spain and Portugal – perhaps the apex of Catholicism. Things have changed. Now “Catholics” like Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi promote abortion.

There are 330 million Americans. Only three are depicted above in the White House. Let us ask why Anthony Fauci (left) is one of those three – as Joe Biden signs the new law overturning the Mexico City policy.

Comedians Setting the Tone for National Discourse

Important issues in the U.S. have, for decades, been filtered through the lens of comedians. For example, Bill Mahr recently told his audience that the world’s population should be allowed to collapse. He cited climate change and a lack of resources as a part of his rationale. Listen to his talk here. This is negative and fatalistic, yet it provides a starting point for dialogue, introspection and un-biased, accurate science.

Like most of us, Mr. Mahr has no scientific education we know of, nor any real-world experience related to the issues and conclusions he promotes as facts – overpopulation, alleged lack of resources and why we “need” fewer people in the world.

Does he know two-thirds of the world’s population live in a 3,300-kilometer radius of the Valerie Pieris Circle, with the center being Mong Khet, Myanmar? Or that 7.8 billion people standing in military formation could fit inside the state of Arkansas – with the rest of the world available for agriculture?

Mr. Mahr may wish to consider other nuanced factors: the role of sun spots and solar winds, massive volcanic eruptions, gamma ray bursts and other phenomena contributing to changing conditions either on Earth and/or in our solar system.

We should also focus on issues often ignored by the public, such plastic in the oceans, which is now appearing off of Antarctica. Much of our military-grade (and commercial) nuclear waste is radioactive essentially for eternity – and more is being produced every single day. These are topics we can lobby Mr. Mahr to discuss on his show. Pro-life people need to get ahead of the curve with solving such problems.

We are dealing with intractable issues upon which rest the fate of humanity. They require a balanced approach free of the fatalistic de facto death cult of American and transnational elites. As an aside, imagine if Bill Mahr could have unborn children (not possible) or invite living children who survived an abortion attempt (such people do exist) appear on his television show.

Earth’s Climate Constantly Changes

We know the Earth’s climate has always been changing. Consider that cartoon of cave men watching a flower emerge at the end of the Ice Age, while one of them says, “Must be our fault.” In the 1970s we were told an Ice Age was coming. It never came. There was a “Little Ice Age” in Europe circa 1666 that saw the Thames River freeze over. Yet life on Earth continued. With the failure of the non-Ice Age charlatans (cheered on mostly by the media, more than by academia) of the 1970s, the “elites” pivoted to “Global Warming,” and then “Climate Change.” One constant has remained steadfast: “The sky is falling.”

Concerning the doom and gloom and the fear-mongering, the book of Revelation tells us horrible cataclysms are coming. Scientists and other pundits echo such claims – whether they mean to or not. There could be an EMP attack, another Carrington Event, nuclear war, a global earthquake and more tsunamis.

There could also be nuclear or biological terrorism. Look at the Aum Shinrikyo Cult in Japan, their level of technical expertise and their scientific “achievements.” The WEF elites eerily echo Aum Shinrikyo via their nihilistic plans to “destroy the world to save it” through abortion, eliminating 7 billion people, ending oil, climate lockdowns, vaccine passports, ignoring biological sex at birth and ending national borders.

That said, the pessimism and negativity of the Mahr perspective will define our worldview and influence our future if we do not actively oppose it – and organize and work together to build a thriving, positive, happy future. The pro-life movement can help make this grand new narrative a reality.

Let’s start here: Yes there are problems on this planet. We all can plainly see the piles of human feces on the streets, the used syringes, the broken, lost people, the failed facelifts making one look like a 26-year-old lizard, Monopoly money, robot soldiers on and on ad infinitum. The biggest problem of all is that we’ve yet to unleash the bold leadership, vision and entrepreneurial spirit to change the course of our destiny – so as to promote the general welfare and secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity.

We need to build parallel structures for humanity – winning hearts and minds in our own virtual White House (remember the British burned it to the ground during the War of 1812 and St. Louis was going to be named the new capital until the New Madrid earthquakes hit circa 1812), new local governments, new state governments and a new United Nations. With technology evolving at our fingertips, we can unite to chart a new destiny for mankind. We do not have to submit to self-anointed “elites” we never met and did not vote for. Elites who we know deep in their hearts despise us as “deplorables” and wish us dead.

Bold Steps – The Answers Are Off Planet Earth

We have possible answers: The sun could be used as a giant furnace to burn up trash, waste, debris and hazardous materials. How do we get all of this refuse into outer space? Mankind could build space elevators, as the MIT Technology Review now says it is possible. Read about it here.

Water from Enceledus, one of Saturn’s moons, can be brought to Earth. Build a space junker and bring that water to the Sahara Desert. We have sand and precious metals remaining on Earth. If we’re going to run out, then mine them from a passing asteroid or another planet. Consider China and Russia, as well as India, are ready to mine Helium-3 on the moon. They are planning a lunar base at the South Pole of the Moon. This is not science fiction. This is science fact. Read about it here, here, here and here.

Argentina, if farmed properly, could help feed the entire world on its own. We throw away enough food every single day to feed the world. Construction materials are wasted every single day. We can build at least a tiny home for every homeless person. We have universities with many empty seats. If you don’t have the money for Harvard or Michigan State, anyone can watch lectures on YouTube and order relatively cheap, used textbooks on eBay.

The world’s land area is basically unpopulated. Take a look. Get on a plane and fly over Australia, Russia, China, Canada and the United States and see for yourself. Don’t forget to check out this spatial analysis of Earth’s empty space, “Nobody Lives Here.”

Just as untold millions of Americans were reached last Autumn of 2023 with an Emergency Message via their iPhones, potential strategies to address the Earth’s biggest environmental and man-made problems should be proposed, shared, evaluated and voted on by registered voters in real-time (and verified by retinal, fingerprint and voice security) – instead of being the domain of the elites offering us sound bites during election cycles.

Final Thoughts

Having babies is an amazing experience. Fewer and fewer are experiencing it as abortion, sterilization, infantilized men with no desire to lead a family, baby-killing women and transsexual phenomena grow. Some woke leftists see babies as a burden, with their own selfishness at a level so high the idea of having babies is something they refer to as “right-wing.” Read Politio’s piece articulating this strange notion.

It has been said that, “Babies are God’s proof that the world should go on.” Let us choose life and embrace the Right to Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness. Let us give the unborn due process, instead of cruel and unusual punishment.

Let us at least inquire if a de facto tangential reflection of R2P or “The Responsibility to Protect” should be applied to unborn children.

Let us inquire if Artificial Intelligence can be leveraged to give every expectant mother the help she might need in a crisis – money, a place to stay, doctors, counselors and more. Has such an AI project been tried?

Let us build an altar to God in defense of life, to the unborn, for babies, for families, for happiness and the joy of normalcy. Let us “be fruitful and multiply” as God commands in Genesis 1:28. Yes, our cities are overcrowded, as this maximizes control and advertising power for the elites. But this should not trick or deter us. We know we have the space to live. We can marshal the necessary resources. We can cut waste.

Meanwhile, the love and joy that comes from having babies needs to be articulated. This is so residents in Ohio, on U.S. college campuses, in Ireland and in Argentina will drink champagne, dance and cry tears of joy when babies are born – not when they are killed in the most vicious and painful manner possible.

The new world described above is within our reach. Even though Melinda French Gates just donated a billion Monopoly dollars to global abortion, ultimately her anti-life, anti-God efforts will not succeed.

Appointing an ambassador-at-large for the unborn to the United Nations will be a seminal moment in history. It will chart a new course for humanity and offer a forum to present new ideas to assist mankind.

Indeed, we are the people we have been waiting for.

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