Nancy Pelosi was blindsided when San Francisco gave workers this shocking warning


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San Francisco is what Democrats wish to turn the rest of the country into.

It’s come down into a socialist problem under their rule.

And Nancy Pelosi was blindsided when San Francisco provided workers this shocking demand.

Former Speaker of your home Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) is nearing the end of her decades-long political career in Washington D.C.’s “Swamp.”

Stashed in the puffed up 4,155-page omnibus spending costs last December throughout her last days as Speaker was a little-noticed measure to pat herself on the back.

The expense contained an arrangement to rename the San Francisco federal building the Speaker Nancy Pelosi Federal Structure.

“It is urgent and essential that we enact this omnibus bundle so that we might keep government open and providing for America’s families,” Pelosi said at the time.

Now federal government workers at the Speaker Nancy Pelosi Federal Building are dealing with the effects of the Democrats’ disastrous failure running San Francisco.

Management at the Department of Health and Person Provider (HHS) told workers working at the 18-story office complex to work from house due to the fact that of safety issues.

“In light of the conditions at the [federal structure] we advise employees … take full advantage of the use of telework for the foreseeable future,” HHS Assistant Secretary for Administration Cheryl Campbell informed employees in a memo obtained by the San Francisco Chronicle. “This suggestion ought to be extended to all Region IX workers, consisting of those not presently utilizing telework versatilities.”

HHS’s Area IX is an area that consists of California, Arizona, and Nevada.

Federal workers from numerous government companies work out of the structure consisting of HHS, the Department of Labor, and the Department of Transport.

The scene outside of the Pelosi federal structure is agent of the socialist nightmare that San Francisco has actually developed into in recent years.

The homeless, drug abuser and dealers congregate outside of the structure with drug offers going down in broad daylight.

The building’s concrete benches have been taken control of by the homeless and drug abuser.

Two men were detained outside of the building in June after they were captured on monitoring electronic cameras carrying out a drug offer.

Among the suspects was in belongings of a gun and may have fired the gun outside the structure earlier according to federal district attorneys.

Criminal offense, substance abuse, and homelessness are rising across San Francisco while wrongdoers are given free rein by the city’s Democratic leadership.

Even federal workers in the building named after the city’s most famous politician are no longer safe in the crime-ridden city.

Pelosi’s office stated that the previous Speaker is working to deal with the scenario.

“The safety of employees in our federal buildings has constantly been a top priority for Speaker Emerita Pelosi, whether in the building or on their commutes,” Pelosi spokesman Aaron Bennett said. “Federal, state, and local police– in coordination with public health officials and stakeholders– are working hard to deal with the acute crises of fentanyl trafficking and related violence in certain areas of the city.”

San Francisco is a preview of where the nation is headed under Democrat control.

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