MUST SEE: Far-Left ‘Insurrection’ Breaks Out In DC; Chaos Appears


There a far-left”insurrection” at the Democratic National Committee Headquarters in Washington D.C. on Wednesday as Pro-Palestine protesters encountered cops over Biden’s diplomacy towards Israel.

The police were called after some protesters tried to get in the DNC structure, leading to clashes with Washington DC Metro Cops.

Several arrests were reported as law enforcement works to prevent unauthorized access to the structure and to keep public order.

The police needed to struggle to hold back the violent protesters.

There were more images of the authorities clashes at DNC HQ.

Radical leftists weighed in assistance of the tried “insurrection.”

Last weekend, pro-Palestinian protesters tried to get into New York’s Grand Central Terminal. They broke several windows and got into a battle with cops as part of a protest that also saw American flags being torn down and an Israeli flag being burned.

he account Radio Genoa revealed the pro-Palestinian protesters swapping out the American flag for a Palestinian one around morning on Veteran’s Day.

X CEO Elon Musk said on the video: “Did they simply tear down an American flag on Veterans Day in America? Am I comprehending this properly?”

Grand Central Station was likewise attacked by the pro-Palestinian protesters.

“Hamas advocates in New York City have actually surrounded Grand Central Station and are trying to breach the outer doors to reach policeman sheltering within,” remarked @amuse.

“NYC authorities standby as Hamas fans take apart American flags,” he added.

“Hamas commemorating Veterans Day in New York City!” he quipped.

One day earlier, Anti-Israel demonstrators took over the a sitting U.S. Senator’s office on and demanded that the country accept broker an instant ceasefire in Israel’s war with Hamas.

“Genocide Gillibrand has got to go,” the protestors shouted after inhabiting the senator’s workplace.

“Rise for Palestine,” they also shouted.

Political analyst @amuse compared the sit-in to the infamous J6 “insurrection” where in addition to violent rioters, various serene protesters paraded around the capitol without an authorization and took control of then Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s office.

“Insurrection: Hamas fans inhabited Senator Kirsten Gillibrand’s Capitol workplace longer than the J6 protesters– are any of them in jail?” he said.

The Saturday prior, the White House had some unanticipated visitors, as lots of pro-Hamas demonstrators surrounded the capitol grounds and staged a ‘mini-insurrection.’

The protesters shouted vocal support for Palestine/Hamas at the Secret Service and even defied orders to stop hanging a flag on the fence.

“Secret Service attempted to take down “Stop attack on Gaza” banner that’s holding on the White House Gates today, protesters put it back up,” reported Oliya Scootercaster.

“The White House’s NW entrance has been smeared with red paint and protesters are pushing on gate,” reported Steven Nelson of the New York City Post.

Nelson also reported the chants of “allahu akbar,” adding that he heard this was likewise chanted at “several points along the fence.”

Then came the chanting. “F *** Joe Biden” they yelled outside the White House.

“‘F ** k Joe Biden’– chants outside White House as 10s of thousands Pro-Palestine protesters are outside demanding to Free Palestine, some trying to climb the gate,” Scootercaster kept in mind.

Weeks prior, pro-Palestinian protesters laid siege to Grand Central Station in the heart of New york city City, chanting slogans like “From the River to the Sea, Palestine will Be Free,” (meaning, “free” from the existence of Israel).

The chant is reflective of the origin declaration of Hamas, the terrorist company that runs the Gaza Strip, and which carried out the savage attack on Israeli civilians on October 7.

Jewish Voice for Peace, a radical group that the Anti Defamation League has actually called “anti-Israel,” put together the protest, which happened at the same time that Israel stepped up its military actions in Gaza.

JVP is the same group that staged what critics derisively referred to as an “insurrection” at the Capitol on October 18. The Cannon structure, one of the buildings in the Capitol complex, was taken control of, leading to a disruption of official procedures.

It ought to be noted that if MAGA/America First fans had pulled such demonstrations at the nation’s capitol, they would currently remain in a D.C. gulag waiting for trial for an “insurrection.”

For the radical left, it’s just another day in America. And not a single political prisoner amongst any of them.

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