MSNBC Claims ‘Woke’ is the New ‘N-Word’


(Corine Gatti, Headline USA) MSNBC claimed that the word “woke” was the same as saying the n-word, just hours before the first 2024 GOP debates took place on Wednesday night in Milwaukee.

MSNBC alleged journalist and anchor Jose Diaz-Balart scolded viewers it was time to talk about the first GOP primary debate and urged viewers, “There is one word voters should expect to hear” from the candidates and it was “woke.”

Diaz-Balart explained the word “woke” symbolized “many different things to different people” before he asked, “Where does it come from?” as the segment was sent to MSNBC Correspondent Trymaine Lee, Town Hall reported.

Lee then explained that the term “woke” originated in black American inspeak, referring to staying vigilant against potential harm. Lee claimed the term has been co-opted by far-right conservatives and has lost its original meaning, and played a compilation of Republican presidential candidates using the term in public remarks and interviews supporting the argument.

“Woke has become a charged political catch-all phrase often used as a battering ram and a battle cry, and to many, a slur,” Lee defined before another interview expert, said “woke” was “almost another way of saying black, it’s another way of saying the n-word.”

The Mad Libs at MSNBC wasted no time injecting divisiveness and racism into the airwaves, and the latest demonstration of divisiveness was nothing new.

Former CNN host Soledad O’Brien also purported woke had racial undertones in February. O’Brien blasted Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene’s comments about the “Black National Anthem” being played ahead of the Super Bowl.


“So reporters.. for many people “woke” means black people. Or more likely–a racist slur. So maybe do a better job in interviews when people talk about ‘wokeness’ mmkay?” O’Brien tweeted.

In March, Touré Neblett co-hosted the MSNBC show The Cycle and tweeted, “At this point woke is a slur,” creating a social media firestorm among conservatives, the Daily Caller reported. 

“The way the right uses it is an undercover way of saying ‘those people,’ or ‘non-white people,’” Neblett wrote. “It’s a polite way of saying the n-word but in this case, the n-word includes blacks, LGBTQ folks, and other marginalized groups.”