Moderna and US Govt About to Make Deal for Bird Flu Vaccine. Preparing For 2024 Election?


Well, whaddya know.

The U.S. government and Moderna are close to making a deal creating a bird flu vaccine.

AND it’ll be a mRNA vaccine.

Wow, what a surprise.

Will it be cranked out in time before the 2024 election?

Will they be able to manufacture enough in time?

Or do they already have warehouses full of this bird flu ‘vaccine’ and they’re just going through the motions?

BREAKING: The U.S is close to a funding deal with Moderna to produce mRNA bird flu injection worth tens of millions of dollars.

Will you take the mRNA bird flu injection?

— PeterSweden (@PeterSweden7) May 30, 2024

The great thing about the COVID-19 vaccines was that it woke up people about ALL vaccines, and turned millions into ‘anti-vaxxers’.

Bonus tip, if you didn’t already know: Whenever the media comes up with a slur nickname (like ‘anti-vaxxer’) for a group that’s not going along with the agenda, you know that group is doing something right. And the system is trying to shame them back into obedience.

Reuters reports:

Reuters) -The U.S. government is nearing an agreement to fund a late-stage trial of Moderna’s mRNA bird flu vaccine, the Financial Times reported on Thursday, as the outbreak spreads in dairy cows.

Moderna told Reuters it was in discussions with the government on advancing its vaccine candidate, but did not confirm the funding, saying it has nothing further to add.

Federal funding from the Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority (BARDA) could come as soon as next month and would include a promise to procure doses if late-stage trials are successful, the FT report said, citing people close to the discussions.

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) did not immediately respond to a Reuters’ request for comment.

Shares of the company have risen about 40% since April 1, when the second known human case of bird flu in the United States was reported. The stock was up about 3% at $151.25 in premarket trading on Thursday.

The United States has a stockpile of bird flu vaccines matched with the strain currently circulating, as well as antivirals that could be used to treat human infections. For a major epidemic or a pandemic, however, the country would have to considerably scale up stock.

Looks like they’re working on 2 vaccines.

And it’ll be ready soon?

Isn’t that convenient?

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