Mitt RINO Backs Biden’s Billion-Dollar Scheme


Mitt RINO Backs Biden’s Billion-Dollar Scheme – Says It’s the “Best Thing We’ve Ever Done”

What’s Happening:

It’s no secret that Sen. Mitt Romney is considered a “Republican In Name Only.” Many Americans consider the Utah senator a RINO, after what he did against President Trump. Romney was one of a few Republicans in Congress to vote against Trump during the left’s impeachment crusade. And he’s continued to attack the GOP frontrunner, just months before the 2024 Election.

But it seems Romney is continuing to show his hand as a “secret Democrat.” The man, like Mitch McConnell, seems madly in love with Biden’s failed agenda. In fact, he’s recently defended Biden’s demand that we give up hundreds of billions of dollars to bankroll the Ukraine War. And this is Mitt’s excuse.

From The Post Millennial:

Republican Senator Mitt Romney praised the Biden administration for sending billions of dollars of taxpayer funds to aid Ukraine in the nation’s war against Russia. In fact, Romney asserted that “it’s the best national defense spending I think we’ve ever done.”

Despite the United States having record-high inflation under the Biden administration, Romney claimed that the “very small amount” the US is sending to Ukraine acts as a benefit to all Americans.

Mitt Romney defended Biden’s decision to give away hundreds of billions of tax dollars to Ukraine. He said this was a good move because he is in the pocket of the military-industrial complex–I mean! Because this is the “best way” to defend against China and Russia.

Is anyone believing this line? All the money Biden gives to Ukraine immediately ends up in the hands of massive defense contractors. Huge corporations like Lockheed Martin are getting our tax dollars, so they can make more bombs and weapons. All so Ukraine can drag out a conflict we have nothing to do with.

Should we trust politicians who support an arrangement that is killing countless innocent lives and making massive corporations richer? Why isn’t Romney urging Biden to negotiate peace? Wouldn’t that be a better decision?

No, according to Romney, the “only” way America is safe is when we burn through billions of tax dollars so that executives at Raytheon Technologies can buy more yachts.

Very few politicians, even Republicans, have been critical of Biden bankrolling the Ukraine War. Are they all servants of the MIC? Only Trump seems to be calling for an end to this war so that civilians are no longer killed.

Romney appears to be okay with people dying needlessly.

Key Takeaways:

  • Romney defended Biden’s Ukraine War spending.
  • The RINO claimed it was the “best national defense spending” America’s ever done.
  • The money sent to Ukraine is immediately given to massive defense contractors.

Source: The Post Millennial