Michigan Dems Criminalize Forensic Exams of Voting Machines


(Jacob Bruns, Headline USA) Investigators in the state of Michigan will no longer be permitted to examine voting machines to ensure the integrity of elections, the Detroit Free Press reported.

At the center of the Democrats’s attempt to end the careers of anyone who questioned the 2020 election is Michigan lawyer Stefanie Lambert, who is a licensed private investigator.

Lambert led the charge in the attempt to ensure that Michigan’s 2020 election results were not fraudulent, following the lead of states like Arizona.

At the time, Lambert said that she was committed to making sure that every legal vote was counted.

“If you don’t have your vote counted as it was intended to count, we don’t have a free country,” she said.

With help from assistants, she acquired and examined five voting machines by legal means, at least at the time.

But now Lambert faces charges for the investigations that she engaged in as Democrats try to argue that she illegally obtained one of the voting machines that she and her team examined.

In other words, Michigan Democrats invented a new rule, then applied that post hoc rule back on to the past.

As a result, Lambert faces charges at the hands of special prosecutor DJ Hilson. She has pleaded not guilty.

Lambert’s attorney, Michael Smith, suggested that Hilson is engaged in a  “malicious prosecution.”

“My client was a zealous advocate for her clients, and she did not violate the law,” Smith continued.

According to the Free Press report, the Michigan election investigation may have ties to to the ongoing Georgia investigation.

While Lambert and her team investigated voting machines on Royal Oak, Michigan, investigators in Georgia allegedly sent a data drive from the state to Michigan, presumably in order to show Michigan investigators how the machines can be manipulated.