Megyn Kelly damaged Gavin Newsom when she dropped this impressive reality bomb


Image by Gage Skidmore, CC BY-SA 2.0, by means of Flickr,

California Governor Gavin Newsom stooped to a new low.

He revealed one unsightly truth about San Francisco.

And Megyn Kelly damaged Gavin Newsom when she dropped this legendary fact bomb.

San Francisco, California has actually developed into a socialist headache after years of Democrat control.

Criminal offense is out of control and the city’s streets are lined with drug users and a growing homeless population.

Homeowners are forced to evade human excrement and discarded needles on the walkways.

The spotlight was on San Francisco when it hosted the yearly Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Summit that brought President Joe Biden and world leaders to town consisting of Chinese President Xi Jinping.

California Guv Gavin Newsom shamelessly admitted that he quickly had the homeless population cleared out and the city cleaned up to roll out the red carpet for world leaders coming down on the city.

“I understand folks say, ‘they’re just cleaning up this location since all those expensive leaders are entering into town’– that’s true since it holds true,” Newsom stated Thursday. “I’m so ecstatic about revealing this location off to 21 expensive foreign leaders from around the world.”

San Francisco city workers were released to pick up trash and tidy up graffiti, which was a continuous eyesore.

“Anytime you place on an occasion, by meaning, you have people over at the house– you got to tidy up the house,” Newsom added. “21 foreign leaders, you got tens of countless people originating from around the globe, what a chance to showcase the world’s most extraordinary location.”

Former Fox News host Megyn Kelly destroyed Newsom for his sensational admission on her SiriusXM program.

“Amazing. Gavin Newsom and San Francisco, London Type, clean up this city in the nick of time for the Chinese leader to appear there with Joe Biden,” Kelly stated. “They’re important, however the real residents of California can pound sand.”

A lot of the problems plaguing San Francisco like homelessness, trash, and graffiti can be quickly resolved if the government picks to do it.

Newsom does not care about the wellness of the citizens he claims to represent, he merely wants to leave a great impression on China’s President.

“It’s so offending, and I like that he simply offered it up,” Kelly said, referring to Newsom’s remarks.

She included that San Francisco locals becoming “hooked on fentanyl” was the Chinese President’s “genuine work” in the U.S.

Biden had a nearly four-hour meeting with Jinping on suppressing the flow of chemical precursors from China that are utilized to manufacture fentanyl in Mexico.

“He’s been taking speech writing from Kamala Harris, his main competition for the job of President,” Kelly stated.

Homeowners of San Francisco are dealing with the uncomfortable truth that their political leaders do not care about them.