Megan Rapino made this stunning remark about the presence of God


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Megan Rapino is the figurehead for the woke activist professional athlete Americans have concerned dislike.

But Rapino blindsided everyone with her comments after suffering a career-ending injury.

And Megan Rapino made this shocking comment about the existence of God.

Rapino’s last soccer game of her profession ended after suffering an Achilles tendon injury throughout her club’s National Women Soccer League’s Championship match versus FC Gotham.

During her postgame press conference, Rapino claimed the reality that the final match of her profession ended with a noncontact injury implied God didn’t exist.

“I’m not a religious individual or anything and if there was a God, like, this is evidence that there isn’t. This is f *** ed up. It’s simply f *** ed up. 6 minutes in and I eat my Achilles,” Rapino specified.

“Thank God I have a f *** ing deep well of a sense of humor. It’s ravaging to head out in a final so early,” Rapino stated.

Rapino’s remarks were indicative of the in-your-face left-wing activism that Rapino brought to the U.S. Women’s National Soccer Team that made the group so unlikeable.

Countless Americans cheered when Rapino missed out on a key charge and Sweden got rid of the U.S. women worldwide Cup.

Rapino forced other members of the team to take divisive political stands such as kneeling for the national anthem.

And this previous year Rapino became a loud supporter for letting biological males compete in ladies’s sports.

Rapino wrongly claimed that there were no men requiring females out of sports.

“It’s particularly aggravating when females’s sports is weaponized,” Rapino ranted. “Oh, now we care about fairness? Now we care about females’s sports? That’s total bull *** t. Program me all the trans people who are nefariously benefiting from being trans in sports. It’s just not taking place.”

Previous Kentucky swimmer Riley Gaines easily negated Rapino’s lie about guys not holding a benefit over women.

Rapino’s woke activism on smearing the United States as racist or requiring males be permitted to play ladies’s sports were peanuts compared to insulting tens of countless Americans by making a joke out of their faith.