McConnell Says He Has No Intention Of Retiring Any Time – The Conservative


Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) said Monday that he has no plans to retire or resign soon after speculation over his health.

McConnell, 81, has faced some calls to step down after reports of a recent concussion after a fall and “freezing” during a recent press conference.

The current situation

“In an interview with Politico released on Monday, politics Bureau Chief Jonathan Martin said to the senator, during a conversation on divisions within the GOP, ‘You’re not going anywhere,’ to which McConnell responded, ‘Not anytime soon,’” Newsmax reported.

“Politico also reported that McConnell has suffered from hearing loss since his fall in March, and continues to deal with the remaining effects of polio he had as a child,” it added.

Health concerns grow

“Mitch McConnell’s worsening health had been largely out of view of the American public, until a press conference last month where he fell eerily silent, and had to be escorted away,” the New Republic reported.

“The senator has declined to explain the incident, and whether or not it was connected to a fall he took in March which resulted in a concussion and weeks-long absence from the Senate,” it added.

A future vacancy?

“[T]he GOP-led Kentucky legislature passed a bill in 2021 that would require a governor to fill an empty U.S. Senate seat with a member of the same party as the departed senator,” the Washington Examiner reported.

“Talks that Beshear would challenge the Republican-supported law if McConnell left his seat empty have circulated since his health episode,” it continued.

McConnell’s term lasts until January 2027, leaving more than three years before he would likely retire at over 84 years of age.

Many Republicans are likely expected to encourage McConnell to continue until the end of his term to avoid a governor-appointed replacement, especially…