Markwayne Mullin just dropped the hammer on Karine Jean-Pierre for this outrageous lie


Deborah Haaland, Public domain, through Wikimedia Commons

White Home Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre dislikes the truth.

She insulted Americans when she told the biggest whopper of her career.

And Markwayne Mullin dropped the hammer on Karine Jean-Pierre for this outrageous lie.

White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre lied through her teeth to the press when she laughably claimed that a traditional Thanksgiving meal would be one of the “least expensive ever” due to the fact that of President Joe Biden bringing down expenses.

“And as we begin preparing our Thanksgiving meals, grocery inflation is at its most affordable level in over 2 years with prices for eggs, milk, bacon and fresh veggies lower than last year,” Jean-Pierre said.

Jean-Pierre was flanked by television screens revealing the rates of typical food items.

“Since incomes are rising, this Thanksgiving dinner is the 4th least expensive ever as a portion of typical revenues,” Jean-Pierre boasted.

Jean-Pierre can’t defend Biden’s failure on inflation so she’s lying about his record and hoping the public buys it.

This fantasy provided by her has no basis in truth due to the fact that Thanksgiving supper this year is the most pricey in history according to Heritage Structure research fellow E.J. Antoni.

Antoni used information from Biden’s Bureau of Labor Statistics to identify that the cost of the traditional vacation meal is up a staggering 26% since Biden took workplace.

Inflation is running rampant after Biden went on a reckless spending spree and the cost of living has jumped drastically under him.

The Biden regime and its media allies are falsely claiming that the inflation crisis is over but anyone who steps foot in a store sees the reality.

Sen. Markwayne Mullin (R-OK) torched the Biden routine for brushing off concerns about inflation throughout an appearance on Fox Service.

The Oklahoma legislator stated the cost of filling up his truck is proof that the issue is still raving on.

“I just filled up my truck, I drive an F-250 power-stroke diesel and I just paid $4.68 a gallon which remains in Oklahoma,” Mullin stated. “To inform me inflation isn’t still available tells you how out of touch the White House and Biden administration is and Biden himself. We comprehend today it’s still costing the typical American $600 a month more below Biden than it was beneath Trump.”

Prices have actually soared and wage gains haven’t kept pace with inflation leaving the average employee poorer under Biden.

“So, it’s just more propaganda, basically coming out of the White Home, stating ‘Hey, don’t look here. Everything is fine. Do not think what your pocketbook informs you,'” Mullin included.

The Biden routine’s messaging on inflation is to claim prices are boiling down however the general public does not purchase it.

Polling reveals that citizens are increasingly worried about the rising cost of living.

Inflation is going to be a problem that Joe Biden will not be outrun on the campaign path as he vies for a 2nd term.