Mark Wahlberg says new restaurant will offer best dining experience you’ve ever had


Mark Wahlberg (Video screenshot)

Mark Wahlberg

(FOX BUSINESS) — Mark Wahlberg is expanding his restaurant empire, while also inviting people to “feel like they’re at home.”

“I want to have them to have the most amazing experience they’ve ever had in a restaurant. I want them to feel like they’re at home, that they are doted on and spoiled,” Wahlberg told Fox News Digital of his new restaurant, Flecha.

He continued, “I’ve sent a lot of people in unannounced to really kind of see what the experience is like. I have an amazing staff, amazing team. And we are a family, we want to share our family experience, and that really translates. So come in, have an amazing experience with the food, the hospitality, drinks, just having fun. It’s an experience that you want to have over and over again.”

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