LGBT Cultists Force Seattle Middle Schoolers to Send Hate Mail to Moms of Liberty


(Dmytro “Henry” Aleksandrov, Headline USA) It was revealed by parental rights group Moms for Liberty on Saturday that the organization received a package in the mail that contained letters that students from a Seattle middle school made in class, claiming that Moms for Liberty was “bullying” LGBT youth.

According to the Post Millennial, the package had a return address of SPS [Seattle Public Schools] and JSCEE [John Sanford Center for Educational Excellence], the headquarters of the district.

Cards in the package that appeared to be drawn by children directly called out the organization with phrases such as “Say, Gay,” “Gay is slay. Stop being a rat” and “Stop bullying and excluding LGBTQ youth.”

The news source added that the same messages were repeated on multiple cards.

It was also revealed that a letter came in the enclosed packaging from Ann Christianson, a social studies teacher and coordinator of the Gay-Straight Alliance at Jane Addams Middle School in Seattle, with the letter saying “Dear Moms For Liberty, Please read the enclosed cards from concerned middle school students in Seattle, WA.”

When the teacher, school, and district were contacted, an auto-response came from Christianson’s email that read, “Thank you for contacting me. I am currently on a leave of absence and not checking email. If you have an urgent issue or question, please contact Assistant Principal Madeline Benz… I look forward to connecting when I return.”

However, it was also discovered in a report card from Washington State’s Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction that 38.6% of students failed to meet the grade level in English, with almost half the students failing to meet the grade level in mathematics and 34.2% failing to meet the grade level standard in science.

For many years, Moms for Liberty has been calling out issues such as hyper-sexualized content in schools, which resulted in leftists slamming the group and the Southern Poverty Law Center labeling them an “antigovernment extremist entity.”