Kellyanne Conway dropped a significant bombshell about Democrats discarding Joe Biden in 2024


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Joe Biden declares he is running for re-election in 2024.

The rest of his party may not be so sure about that.

And Kellyanne Conway dropped a major bombshell about Democrats discarding Joe Biden in 2024.

Kellyanne Conway told Sean Hannity that the factor Democrats are promoting a dispute between California Guv Gavin Newsom and Florida Guv Ron DeSantis is to get Newsom heating up in the bullpen in case Joe Biden does not make it to the 2024 election due to his age or impeachment.

Conway pointed to surveys showing Joe Biden’s approval score sinking into the low 40s as to why Democrats are searching for a backup plan in 2024.

“They desire other Democrats in the mix in case Biden does not make it, and in case he’s impeached,” Conway stated. “Now, we’ll let your home do what they’re doing on the impeachment questions. The general public though, the polls, they left Joe Biden a long time back.”

Conway explained Joe Biden’s performance in office as a disaster in both foreign and domestic policy.

Two years back, Biden commanded the disastrously carried out withdrawal from Afghanistan that left 13 soldiers dead in a suicide battle at the Kabul Airport.

Biden never ever said the names of the 13 troops out loud in public and Conway explained that Biden insulted the Gold Star families by lying about his child passing away in combat in Iraq.

“Look at the Gold Star mothers stating that he pretended that his child, too, came back in a flag-draped casket,” Conway included. “But he lies about the easiest things.”

But the greatest warning sign for Democrats– Conway stated– were the surveys showing two-thirds of Americans holding negative views of how Joe Biden managed the economy and that two-thirds approved of Donald Trump’s handling of the economy pre-COVID.

“Bottom line in the surveys I saw today. Sixty-six percent say that Joe Biden is handling the economy, Sean, quote ‘very badly.’ For Donald Trump it was 67% stating the economy was very good in January 2020, right prior to COVID,” Conway concluded.

Joe Biden’s survey numbers being in the threat zone for an incumbent President.

Democrats have no love for Joe Biden as in 2020 Biden was absolutely nothing more than a method to an end.

If Joe Biden no longer serves his function of being the strongest candidate to beat Donald Trump, Kellyanne Conway thinks Democrats will jettison him at the very first opportunity.

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