Karine Jean-Pierre said two words about Trump’s trial that had Joe Biden pounding the table in rage

The White House, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre can take any bad situation and make it infinitely worse.

It’s one of Jean-Pierre’s “unique” talents.

And now Karine Jean-Pierre said two words about Trump’s trial that had Joe Biden pounding the table in rage.

Democrats worried lawfare against Trump is failing

Joe Biden and his campaign tried to stay as far away as possible from Donald Trump’s political trial.

But with jury deliberations beginning, the Biden campaign abandoned that posture.

What changed?

Polls showed the trial didn’t have the Democrats intended effect of tanking Trump’s poll numbers.

CNN Data Analyst Harry Enten broke down polling data showing the American people’s perception of Trump and the trial not changing despite five weeks of testimony.

Enten explained the American people were more focused on the issues that affected their lives.

“The fact that most Americans don’t really care that much, so closely following news about the economy– inflation – that’s number one,” Enten told host John Berman.

Jean-Pierre admits Trump trial is a political hit job

The Biden campaign pivoted and took ownership of the trial.

On the day jury deliberations began, Biden’s campaign scheduled a press conference outside the courthouse.

Karine Jean-Pierre’s comments about the case on Air Force One were about as subtle as a mallet to the head.

Jean-Pierre called this an “important day” for the country.

“How much attention is the president paying to the Trump trial as they begin deliberations?” a reporter asked.

“I have to be pretty honest with you. I have not talked to the president about that. This is going to be an important day,” Jean-Pierre replied.

Jean-Pierre then admitted the campaign would orchestrate Biden’s response to the trial since the White House viewed it as a political event. 

“Obviously, the campaign is going to have more to share. The president and I said this yesterday a couple of times when I was asked this question in various ways that the president is focused on the American people delivering for the American people,” Jean-Pierre stated.

“Do you think he will make reference to it in his remarks today?” the reporter asked about Biden’s upcoming trip to Pennsylvania.

“I think the president is going to be focused on the American people today,” Jean-Pierre answered.

The cat is out of the bag

POLITICO initially reported that Biden planned to address the verdict with a speech to the nation from a White House setting.

Biden’s handlers believed an official backdrop would dull attacks as Biden planned to exploit a guilty verdict for political gain.

That laughable plan is out the window now, thanks to Jean-Pierre.

In a way, it’s more honest.

Everyone knows Democrats only indicted Donald Trump in an election year because they know Joe Biden can’t win the election on the back of his own record.

Jean-Pierre’s comments about the trial being a campaign matter means everyone can stop pretending.

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