Karine Jean-Pierre answered one question about Joe Biden that left Democrats frenzied


Photo by The White House, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

Joe Biden’s Presidency is hanging by a thread.

That’s putting Karine Jean-Pierre in the hot spot.

And Karine Jean-Pierre addressed one concern about Joe Biden that left Democrats frantic.

Democrats are getting significantly nervous about President Joe Biden being on the top of the ticket next year.

Biden’s survey numbers are in totally free fall and former President Donald Trump has opened a slim lead versus him in one poll after another.

White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre was asked if the White House planned to shake up things after an avalanche of problem.

“Offered the President’s drooping survey numbers and the reality that he is presently putting behind any republican opponent, has there been any talk in this White House about a modification in strategy or staffing going forward in reflection of those numbers that continue to show him undersea?” CBS News White Home reporter Ed O’Keefe asked.

“No,” Jean-Pierre snapped.

A Gallup survey found that Biden’s assistance amongst Democrats fell by 11 points from September to October, striking its least expensive level yet.

The President is losing assistance from every side of the political aisle as his reelection campaign hops into 2024.

The White Home is declining to change course on a technique that isn’t working despite the growing frustration of Democrats and Biden’s collapsing survey numbers.

Biden’s allies are trying to get dissatisfied Democrats to fall in line and quit criticizing him.

“We got ta pipeline down the groaning and groaning and all the whining. There’s too much of that,” previous Rep. Joe Crowley (D-NY) told The Hill. “I think that leaches into the mind of the voters as well. That’s got to stop and I think at that point, you’ll start to see Biden’s numbers improve, certainly amongst Democrats, however I believe voter-wide they’ll begin to enhance.”

Democrat strategist David Axelrod, who served as a top consultant on Barack Obama’s Governmental projects, said that Biden ought to think about surrendering for the 2024 Election which the President had a “50-50 shot” of winning reelection.

“I believe he has a 50-50 shot here, however no better than that, maybe a little worse,” Axelrod informed New york city Times’ Maureen Dowd in an interview. “He believes he can cheat nature here, and it’s really dangerous. They’ve got a real problem if they’re relying on Trump to win it for them. I remember Hillary doing that, too.”

Infighting is growing amongst Democrats about Joe Biden’s electoral possibilities less than a year away from the 2024 Election.