Kamala Harris let the cat out of the bag on this plan to shred the Constitution


Photo by Fibonacci Blue via Wikimedia, CC BY 2.0, https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0/deed.en

The law is a minor obstacle to the Biden-Harris regime.

They wish to remove one freedom in the Expense of Rights.

And Kamala Harris let the cat out of the bag on this scheme to shred the Constitution.

Democrats are hell-bent on attempting to eliminate the right to keep and bear arms granted by the 2nd Modification.

The current mass shooting in Lewiston, Maine by a deranged, mentally ill guy sustained another push for control by the Biden regime.

President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris utilized the catastrophe to make another need for an attack weapons ban.

Democrats generally give mealy-mouthed statements about respecting the 2nd Modification but Harris went full mask off on the program’s prepare for weapon confiscation.

“Doug and I mourn for those who were killed. We wish those who were injured, and grieve with many whose lives are forever changed and affected by what took place,” Harris said. “The Biden-Harris Administration will continue to supply full assistance to regional authorities, and as we collect details, we should continue to speak the truth about the moment we remain in.”

The deeply out of favor Vice President repeated an often-used lie that guns are the leading cause of death for kids.

“In our nation today the leading cause of death of American children is gun violence,” Harris continued.

Gun-grabbers lie about the statistics, with infant mortality far outmatching guns as a cause of death for kids.

“Weapon violence has actually terrified and traumatized many of our neighborhoods in this nation. And let us be clear, it does not have to be by doing this as our friends in Australia have shown,” Harris added.

In 1996, Australia carried out a compulsory gun buyback plan after a mass shooting.

The Australian federal government passed a sweeping weapon control law that banned semi-automatic firearms, shotguns, and rifles and positioned other onerous restrictions on gun owners.

640,000 guns were seized by the government in a forced buyback plan against Australian weapon owners.

Australian citizens do not have a legal right to weapon ownership and need to provide a factor to the government to own a gun.

Self-defense isn’t considered a legitimate factor to own a weapon by the Australian federal government.

Mass weapon confiscation imitated Australia is the dream for Democrats and Harris let the reality slip about their strategies.

They don’t appreciate the 2nd Change– they desire total confiscation of every firearm in the nation.

The Biden program will have its sights set on mass weapon confiscation if it can maintain control of the White Home and take control of Congress after the 2024 Election.

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