JUST IN: Volodymyr Zelensky’s Most current Attempt To Fundraise For Ukraine Gets Declined


Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelensky previously requested to make a solidarity see to Israel to show assistance in the middle of the country’s war against Hamas.

But according to reputable reports from Israeli news sources, he was informed that “now is not the time.”

No more description as to why the Ukrainian president was rejected the see has been offered yet.

“Horror is constantly a criminal activity, not just versus one country or particular victims, however against humanity as a whole,” the Ukrainian president wrote on Telegram.

On his X account, Zelensky likewise stated that Ukrainian authorities were working on assisting its citizens in Israel and Gaza.

“Ukrainian diplomats, intelligence, and security forces keep working to help our residents in Israel and Gaza,” he said. “We have actually already left over 200 individuals, primarily ladies and children, from Israel to Romania.”

” There will be more flights,” he said. “There are practically 260 Ukrainians in Gaza. Exit from there has actually been blocked to people of all countries, however we are collaborating with partners to allow the evacuation of our nationals.”

Because October 7, Ukraine’s President Zelensky, who is Jewish, has been vocally supporting Israel and demanding its “indisputable” right to safeguard its citizens versus Hamas.

Even as the war in between Israel and Hamas could possibly divert global attention far from the armed conflict in Ukraine, Zelensky has advised the international neighborhood to support Israel.

The world needs to stand joined, so that horror does not try to take or destroy life anywhere and at any moment,” he stated.

Israel has restated its assistance for Ukraine throughout the continuous Russian intrusion.

However, it has been reluctant to provide military aid, which has inflamed Kiev, and has rather sent out humanitarian help. Due to Russia’s existence in Syria, Israel has justified its complex posture as required to avoid provoking Moscow in general.

The rejection of Zelensky’s solidarity go to comes in the middle of reports that U.S. Vice President Joe Biden will go to Israel as early as Wednesday.

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