Jon Stewart made one confession about Donald Trump that no one saw coming

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Daily Show host Jon Stewart is the patron saint for late-night liberal talk show hosts.

For many years, Stewart was the most trusted name in news for the Left.

And Jon Stewart made one confession about Donald Trump that no one saw coming.

Stewart says Trump is right about the system being rigged

Jon Stewart turned late-night comedy shows into late-night political group therapy sessions for professional-class liberals in the mid-2000s when he turned the Daily Show from a satirical news show into an anti-George W. Bush jeremiad.

Stewart was among the many liberal comedians who initially treated Donald Trump’s 2016 Presidential campaign like a joke.

Talk show hosts like Stewart figured Trump running in the GOP Primary would provide a comedy windfall before Trump ended his campaign in humiliating defeat.

But Trump won in 2016.

And now polls show Trump could very well return to the White House.

Stewart attempted to grapple with Trump’s appeal in an interview with Comedian Tom Segura for the 2 bears, 1 cave podcast.

On the show, Stewart said the lawfare Trump’s experiencing proves the system is rigged. 

“Part of his appeal was the system is rigged, and I think everything he’s experienced through here is an example of that, just not necessarily the way he thinks,” Stewart stated.

But Stewart then claimed Trump was receiving special treatment by virtue of being a former President.

“I think it’s showing if you got money, doesn’t matter how many felony counts they throw at you, you can hold that off until you get granted complete immunity by becoming president of the United States,” Stewart added.

The reality is Trump only faced criminal charges once he began running for President.

But Stewart got serious for a moment and agreed with Trump that the system was rigged by the swamp.

“Somebody can be right about a diagnosis and wrong about the remedy. So he can diagnose the system as rigged, and it obviously is . . . the interesting thing is once that gets exposed, a reformer comes in and says, ‘I’m going to straighten this out and make it fairer,’” Stewart stated.

Stewart’s experience with the swamp

Stewart lobbied Congress to pass the PACT Act, legislation that would spend nearly $800 billion on health care for veterans exposed to toxic substances.

Stewart said in his time on Capitol Hill to drum up support, there were more defense contractor lobbyists than Members of Congress.

The comedian related a story about how dependent Members of Congress are on the swamp by saying in a meeting with Representatives, they asked him to write the legislation as Stewart realized it was standard operating procedure to allow the swamp’s lobbyists to draft the bills that become law.

“I was like, ‘uh, I could write a 10-minute bit about the legislation about — they don’t know the first thing about writing [legislation], but in that moment I thought, oh, that’s how this shit happens,” Stewart concluded.

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