John Fetterman stated two words that will have you shaking your head in disgust


Image by Governor Tom Wolfvia Wikimedia Commons, CC BY 2.0,

John Fetterman isn’t known for his capability to keep etiquette.

Fetterman keeps finding new lows to stoop to.

And John Fetterman said two words that will have you shaking your head in disgust.

Pennsylvania Democrat Senator John Fetterman wasn’t happy with his Republican colleague from Ohio J.D. Vance.

Vance took the lead in opposing the $106 billion slush fund Joe Biden proposed to money wars in Ukraine, the Middle East, Asia, which will guarantee more taxpayer cash ends up in the hands of Hamas as well as to facilitate his plan to traffic illegal aliens into American cities.

The Ohio Republican took specific concern with Joe Biden flushing another $60 billion down the drain to money his stopping working war against Russia in Ukraine.

Fetterman trashed the memo Vance distributed to his fellow Senate Republicans on why they ought to oppose Joe Biden’s plan to send America further into debt to fund Joe Biden’s hazardous foreign policy and open borders program by crudely tweeting, “F *** that.”

Clearly, Fetterman was providing the sort of refined, professional legislative analysis Americans have actually pertained to get out of the Junior Senator from Pennsylvania.

Vance set out the good sense argument as to why Republicans ought to decline Biden lumping several foreign policy crises into one bill to force Republicans to accept funding for the significantly undesirable war in Ukraine.

The Ohio freshman argued that Biden is trying to blackmail Republicans into swallowing the Ukraine cash by wrongly claiming it was connected to Israel protecting itself from the Hamas terrorist attack.

“The administration seeks to connect Ukraine and Israel financing. This is a serious error that betrays a lack of strategic focus. Each dispute stands out and represents a various claim on U.S. interests,” Vance wrote.

Vance added that the blank check for Ukraine consisted of no scope of the mission, a limitation on American participation along with giveaways to Ukrainian company interests.

“Our support to Ukraine is neither well-scoped nor protected, and consists of funding for Ukrainian farmers, aids for Ukrainian small companies, and payments for Ukrainian first responders,” Vance continued.

In a separate letter, Vance and other Republicans argued Biden held the whole federal government captive to increasingly reckless needs to fund the war in Ukraine no matter the cost.

“Furthermore, it would be reckless and we should not run the risk of a government shutdown by bundling these priorities together and hence making complex the procedure and decreasing the possibility of a financing plan,” Vance included.

All of these arguments resonate with the more comprehensive American public, which is why John Fetterman might not do anything however sputter and curse in action.