John Fetterman made one confession that has all hell breaking out


Governor Tom Wolf from Harrisburg, PA, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

John Fetterman can’t keep his story directly or come tidy to the voters.

It’s developing into a big problem for Democrats.

And now John Fetterman made one confession that has all hell breaking loose.

When John Fetterman suffered his stroke days prior to the Pennsylvania Senate Main his group put out the word it was no big offer and he would quickly be back at complete strength.

Now that Fetterman doesn’t need to deal with the voters for five more years Fetterman and his group are quietly confessing the intensity of his disability while simultaneously retconning his issues into psychological health obstacles to set up a hero’s journey narrative.

Left-wing activist Molly Ball did her part to assist Fetterman gaslight the public in a puff piece in TIME Magazine.

Ball hid the revelation that Fetterman’s stroke was so serious he almost died two times– as soon as when it at first struck him and the second time when Fetterman admitted he would not have actually minded dying when depression set in after understanding he would never completely recover– around a story Fetterman desires the voters to believe that his problems are psychological health and not cognitive disability.

“When he reflects on the previous year– a year in which he nearly passed away, ended up being a U.S. Senator, and nearly passed away again– it is the argument that John Fetterman identifies as the breaking point,” Ball reported.

But Fetterman rejected having cognitive function problems despite numerous quotes in the story where Fetterman plainly stops working to translate his ideas into meaningful speech.

“‘The debate lit the mitch,’ he says, then shakes his head in aggravation and tries again. The best word exists in his brain, but he struggles to get it out. ‘Excuse me, that must be lit the mitch–‘ He stops and tries again. ‘Lit the match,’ he says finally,” Ball’s piece read.

“‘I knew I needed to do it,'” he tells me. ‘I understood that the citizens deserve to have what, what the stroke has done to me– transparency that way.’ As soon as it was over, he understood it had actually not worked out. ‘I understood at that minute that I was going to be considered– consider myself– like, a national shame,'” Ball likewise composed.

Democrats and the media have actually been protecting John Fetterman since Fetterman suffered the stroke last May.

Reporters and other Democrats understood they were stuck to Fetterman as their candidate, so they concealed the fact from the public.

And now the media is trying to prepare a fairy tale for Fetterman to operate on if he looks for a 2nd term in 2028.

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