John Fetterman heard 2 words that activated him into madness


Image by Gage Skidmore, CC BY-SA 2.0, through Flickr,

Pennsylvania Democrat John Fetterman had another public meltdown.

Fetterman’s habits continues to raise red flags.

And John Fetterman heard two words that triggered him into insanity.

Fetterman revealed that it is most likely his personnel that fires off those sick burns on social media.

That ended up being clear when a post filled with incomprehensible mumbo jumbo appeared on Fetterman’s social networks feed assaulting Fox News over an article where a Republican Congressman referred to Gavin Newsom as the “backup quarterback” warming up to replace Joe Biden after Newsom took a surprise journey to Communist China.

“Guv Newsom intending to change Biden? Ridiculous. Think about the source. I’m confident there’s a perfectly great explanation for the ‘banana peels’ line item from his last project finance report,” Fetterman wrote.

No one might understand what any of that meant, especially the line about banana peels in Newsom’s project financing report.

In the post Fetterman connected to, California Republican Congressman Doug LaMalfa explained that Newsom showing up in Communist China to promote the Green New Offer was Newsom’s method of auditioning the Democrat Party leaders to demonstrate he might base on the world phase and perform the celebration’s program.

“The performance history is bad for him to be gallivanting around the world doing essentially a shadow project for president, simply awaiting the moment when they finally choose to throw Biden under the bus,” LaMalfa stated adding that Newson is plainly the celebration’s “backup quarterback.”

“This trip here, he’s trying to build a base,” LaMalfa added. “He’s running the back channels until Biden takes himself out and the celebration states, ‘Male we’re going to get eliminated on this.'”

LaMalfa said the panic in the Democrat Celebration is over the truth that liberals presumed that January 6 rendered Donald Trump unelectable which the occurring criminal indictments brought by Democrat prosecutors would be the final nail in the coffin.

With Trump looking a growing number of like a likely nominee pulling ahead in many places from what I’ve seen then the Dems are, I believe I saw in our notes here, that they would require to break the glass and reach in for the Newsom fire extinguisher,” LaMalfa concluded.

Democrats knew Joe Biden was a weak candidate who couldn’t win on the benefits of his record in workplace.

Now that the backup plan– weaponizing the justice system versus Donald Trump– does not appear to be working, Democrats might be taking a look at the emergency circumstance of changing out Joe Biden for a brand-new candidate.