John Fetterman embarrassed himself with what he simply did on nationwide television


Photo by Guv Tom Wolf, CC BY 2.0, by means of Wikimedia Commons

When again, Pennsylvania Senator John Fetterman played the fool.

This is ending up being tiring for Democrats.

And now John Fetterman humiliated himself with what he simply did on national TV.

Late-night talk shows are no longer about comedy or promoting films.

They are group therapy sessions for neurotic seaside elites.

As such, political guests now control what utilized to be proving grounds for up-and-coming stand-up comics to go far for themselves in front of a national audience.

Nowadays, Democrat political leaders show up on the late-night couch to slam Republicans and burnish their image for future nationwide or statewide projects.

That’s why it wasn’t surprising that on the same day that he announced he was traveling to Iowa to keynote the Iowa Democrat Party’s Liberty and Justice event, Fetterman appeared on left-wing propagandist Stephen Colbert’s Late Night program.

During the interview, Colbert maintained the impression that it’s truly Fetterman himself posting all those “sick burns” and memes trashing Republican politicians on X, the app formerly called Twitter.

Everyone believes a Fetterman staffer runs that social networks account, however Fetterman played along, joking that America “does not send its best and brightest” to Congress when talking about Republicans.

“You all require to understand that America is not sending their finest and brightest, you understand, to Washington, D.C,” Fetterman exclaimed. “Like, in some cases you literally just can’t believe these people are making the decisions that are identifying the federal government here. It’s in fact scary.”

Critics mocked Fetterman– who lied through his teeth from the first day about the intensity of the stroke he suffered that left him not able to speak in meaningful sentences and who lived off his moms and dad’s allowance until his late 40s had the nerve to mock anyone else’s certifications.

Fetterman also resolved the gown code flap.

Chuck Schumer relaxed the Senate dress code so Fetterman might slum around on the Senate floor wearing shorts and a hoodie.

Some reports claimed Fetterman required to dress this way as part of his mental health healing.

In either case, even Democrats were disgusted by Fetterman’s clothes and the Senate unanimously passed a dress code requiring all male Senators to wear a suit and tie while on the Senate flooring.

Fetterman tried to make a joke of it and act like it wasn’t his entire party rebuking him, mockingly telling Colbert “Oh my God, the world is going to burn since he’s going to use a hoodie on the flooring.”

Fetterman declared the genuine concerns were providing Joe Biden a blank check for his war in Ukraine and totally financing Joe Biden’s socialist program.

“Ukraine or closing down the federal government, all these problems. I believe it’s far more crucial to see is, ‘What will this male endure the flooring of the Senate?'” Fetterman concluded.

Ironically, Fetterman ballot in lockstep with the extreme Left is why numerous conservatives believe he dressed up in the outfit of blue-collar Joe who spends Sundays seeing the Steelers so he might distract Pennsylvanians from the fact that he is far to the Left of the state’s voters.