John Fetterman actioned in it big time by making this terrible hazard


Governor Tom Wolf from Harrisburg, PA, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

John Fetterman remains in a hole.

And Fetterman keeps digging it deeper.

That’s since John Fetterman stepped in it huge time by making this dreadful threat.

Republicans roundly criticized Senate Bulk Leader Chuck Schumer, who relaxed the Senate gown code so John Fetterman might wear shorts and a hoodie on the Senate flooring when he cast votes.

Even RINOs like Mitt Romney and Susan Collins thought about allowing Fetterman to dress like a bottom was beyond the pale.

After dealing with a day of extreme criticism, Fetterman snapped on social networks calling Republican critics “jagoffs” and declared he would wear a suit if the House GOP would license Joe Biden’s blank check for the war in Ukraine.

No one could actually comprehend what the war in Ukraine involved John Fetterman dressing like a slob.

Nor might anybody understand why Fetterman saw funneling limitless quantities of taxpayer money to Ukraine instead of securing America’s southern border was his highest concern.

But it wasn’t just Republicans furious at Fetterman’s skid row appearance.

The Washington Post’s left-wing editorial board also took Fetterman to job saying his slovenly gown didn’t lionize for the task he held.

“We vote nay. Dressing formally communicates regard for the sanctity of the institution and for the real-world impact of the policies it advances. Putting on a suit develops a celebration for lawmakers to show, simply for a moment, on the unique responsibilities with which the people have delegated them and on a deliberative procedure that at least desires solemnity. Judges are completely “able to pick” what they use while on the bench, but court would not be court unless they place on black bathrobes,” The Post wrote.

The Post kept in mind that without a gown code Senators could wear partisan messages on tee shirts and otherwise turn the Senate floor into a “high school cafeteria.”

The Post editorial board continued saying Fetterman not sticking to the dress code didn’t reveal suitable gratitude for the history and custom of the Senate and along with the weighty concerns the body arguments.

“At the danger of idealizing the place, the Capitol is, or need to be, idea of as the temple of the world’s earliest constant democracy. Within that, the Senate flooring is its most spiritual space. It was the setting for America’s many consequential arguments on war and peace, liberty and slavery. Throughout history, those who took part in its proceedings dressed accordingly. Admittedly, the appropriate level of self-respect is subjective; you understand it when you see it. And when a senator pertains to the flooring in pickup softball equipment, you don’t,” The Post included.

The Post did note that prior to Fetterman checked out the medical facility to get treatment for clinical depression after understanding he would never ever fully recuperate from his near fatal stroke he would use suits.

And that seems the root of this problem, where Fetterman needs to dress down to make him comfortable because he otherwise isn’t as much as performing the job of a Senator.