Joe Biden will have to read it and weep when he sees what this federal judge simply ruled


Photo by Somchai Kongkamsri by means of Pexels

Joe Biden and the Democrat Celebration’s extreme program suffered another defeat in court.

This one will hurt.

And Joe Biden will have to read it and weep when he sees what this federal judge simply ruled.

Joe Biden and the Democrat Party’s ultimate goal is to ban and confiscate every gun in America.

If the Left had its way, the Second Modification wouldn’t exist.

Thankfully, the Supreme Court actioned in 2015 in the New York State Rifle & Handgun Association, Inc. v. Bruen case and put the Democrat Celebration’s gun control regime on the chopping block.

In the Bruen choice, the Supreme Court ruled that any gun control law must comport with America’s history and custom of protecting 2nd Change rights.

That choice supplied the precedent for Trump-appointed U.S. District Judge John P. Cronan to strike down an area of New york city’s weapon licensing law that permitted the federal government to reject a guns permit to anyone not “of good moral character” or because “good cause exists for the denial of the license.”

Joseph Srour sued over being refused for a weapon license since of his “derogatory driving record,” which the state showed shown he had “poor moral judgment and an objection to comply with the law.”

Cronan ruled that New york city State’s arbitrary standard of utilizing “good character” to deny locals guns contradicted the country’s history and custom of defending Second Modification rights.

“The constitutional infirmities recognized herein lie not in the City’s decision to impose requirements for the belongings of pistols, rifles, and shotguns,” Cronan’s choice read. “Rather, the arrangements fail to pass constitutional muster since of the magnitude of discretion afforded to City officials in rejecting an individual their constitutional right to keep and bear guns, and because of Offenders’ failure to reveal that such unabridged discretion has any grounding in our Country’s historical tradition of gun policy.”

The Bruen decision is a landmark choice.

It was just in 2008 that the Supreme Court held that owning a firearm was a right guaranteed by the Constitution.

The next action in the development of Second Modification jurisprudence is assessing gun control laws on the books.

Bruen opened the door to do so and the Supreme Court indicated to lower courts that they must be skeptical of laws that look for to deactivate law-abiding people.