Joe Biden will be pacing the floor during the night after this disturbing green energy scandal


Photo by Chelsea by means of UnSplash Joe Biden is showering the green energy market with taxpayer money.

It’s developing an opportunity for shocking levels of fraud.

And Joe Biden will be pacing the flooring during the night after this disturbing green energy scandal.

President Joe Biden is funneling numerous billions of dollars to the green energy market to combat environment modification.

This spigot of taxpayer money and lack of oversight is opening the door for scammers.

Residential solar business Sunnova Energy received a $3 billion loan from the Department of Energy in spite of various red flags.

The Texas-based company has been accused of scamming the elderly and dementia patients into signing up for home photovoltaic panel leases according to complaints submitted versus Sunnova.

Texas local Terry Blythe stated that her late daddy was manipulated into signing a 25-year photovoltaic panel lease in 2020 when he was 86 years old and suffering from dementia by a traveling salesman according to the Washington Free Beacon.

Blythe was entrusted to a $34,000 solar agreement her father signed when he died this year.

“It was genuinely swindling old people,” Blythe told the Free Beacon. “It was the greatest ripoff I have actually ever seen.”

Blythe offered her parent’s home to help her mother but needed to take less than it was worth because prospective purchasers didn’t wish to presume the solar contract on the house.

“If I can’t recover the money my mother needs, a minimum of possibly I can help others that they may scam,” Blythe said. “The reality that they were just granted that much money from the government is sickening.”

The Texas attorney general’s office has actually gotten more than 50 problems versus Sunnova considering that in 2015 for a variety of issues including upkeep hold-ups and illegal high-pressure sales techniques.

The Energy Department’s Loan Programs Workplace’s $3 billion loan to Sunnova, the biggest ever for a solar company, is being utilized to give loans to “disadvantaged house owners and neighborhoods” according to the business.

Mary Loller informed the Free Beacon that her dad was targeted by a door-to-door salesman for Sunnova when he was senile and in hospice care and tricked into getting a $60,000 solar panel setup for his mobile home.

“My father informed [the salesperson] at that time he was on hospice and dying,” Loller said. “And basically, he wasn’t in his right mind.”

Sunnova put a lien on the mobile home after Loller’s father passed away, which avoided the family from offering it.

Former Energy Department officials stated that Sunnova’s disturbing record of consumer grievances need to have been a warning for Biden’s Energy Department.

“This is reminiscent of the home loans of the 2000s, just getting people to sign, with no care at all regarding the repercussions,” a previous Energy Department official stated. “Why not simply call it subprime solar?”

Joe Biden’s rush to shovel cash into green energy is producing a golden chance for scammers.