Joe Biden was groaning when a top authorities offered this ridiculous answer about the N-word


Image by Gage Skidmore by means of Wikimedia, CC BY-SA 2.0

The Biden program was rocked by another public embarrassment.

The feline was blurted of the bag throughout an interview.

And Joe Biden was groaning when a leading official gave this insane answer about the N-word.

Stress are increasing around the world after Hamas launched a surprise terrorist attack against Israel.

War is raging in Europe in between Ukraine and Russia and now the Middle East is on the brink of a significant dispute.

White Home National Security Council spokesperson John Kirby remained in the hot spot throughout an interview with Martha MacCallum on Fox News.

She asked him about a recent claim by President Joe Biden that environment modification is a greater risk to humanity than nuclear war.

“The only existential risk mankind faces a lot more frightening than a nuclear war is worldwide warming going above 1.5 degrees in the next 20– 10 years,” Biden stated.

MacCallum gave Kirby a chance to stroll back Biden’s remarks after another significant Middle Eastern conflict broke out.

“Offered all the nuclear players in these two locations where we are now engaged on, does the President stand by that comment?” MacCallum asked.

“Definitely he does. Climate change is an existential risk,” Kirby replied. “It could, it actually threatens, is capable [of] erasing all human life on earth over time. I imply, that’s, I don’t know how more existential you can get to that.”

Biden and the Democrat Party think that environment modification is the best danger to mankind today.

The President is entirely separated from reality when he dismisses the alarming disputes involving two nuclear powers, Russia and Israel.

MacCallum pushed him on this absurd claim but Kirby stood his ground.

“The President believes completely that climate modification is an existential hazard to all the human life on earth,” Kirby included. “That’s just science. That’s a reality, Martha however it does not mean that we turn our back on the other challenges facing this country and our allies and partners around the globe.”

This is a stark contrast to what previous President Donald Trump stated about the risk of nuclear war during an interview with Tucker Carlson.

He stated that nuclear weapons are among the 2 “N-words” that nobody ought to ever use in public.

“I call it the ‘N-word.’ You have two ‘N-words.’ You do not discuss either one of them,” Trump said. “The nuclear word you do not point out because the power is so harmful. I met teachers at MIT and I was getting ready for an argument. I wouldn’t say it was a long preparation, but I did want to speak about nuclear due to the fact that I consider it to be the single biggest threat the world has, far higher than international warming … not even a contest.”

Joe Biden has lost the plot when he declares that climate modification is humankind’s greatest risk when 2 nuclear powers are taken part in significant wars.