Joe Biden was blindsided when Ford’s CEO exposed this huge problem dealing with Democrats


Image by Mike Bird via Pexels Joe Biden is reeling heading into the 2024 Election.

One huge mistake is returning to haunt him.

And Joe Biden was blindsided when Ford’s CEO exposed this huge issue facing Democrats.

President Joe Biden has gone all-in on requiring the nation to make a transition from gasoline-powered automobiles to electric ones.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is rolling out a new policy that would require that two-thirds of all brand-new lorries offered by 2032 be electric.

The battle over his electrical vehicle (EV) agenda is becoming a serious political battle with significant implications in the battleground state of Michigan.

Ford Motor Company CEO Jim Farley warned that EVs “have actually become a political football.”

He said that customers, not political leaders, will choose what kind of lorry they choose to drive.

“The bottom line is, clients are going to decide what kind of automobile they purchase from Ford, as they already do,” Farley explained. “Not all these people politicizing EVs.”

Biden’s push to mandate EVs is facing serious problems.

EVs are piling up on dealership lots in spite of record government rewards as drivers offer the costly, not practical cars the cold shoulder.

Ford lost $3 billion on its electrical department and has actually revealed layoffs for this year and next with EV losses growing without any end in sight.

The automaker is grappling with a strike by the United Car Workers (UAW) introduced in part due to the fact that of the EV transition.

This battle over EVs is playing out in the vital battlefield state of Michigan, which is home to the greatest number of autoworkers of any state.

Former President Donald Trump won the state in 2016 and Biden directly brought it in 2020.

Autoworkers fidget that Biden’s EV shift might put them out of a job because they have less mechanical parts and a battery supply chain controlled by China.

UAW members are flipping their assistance to Trump in large part due to the fact that of Biden’s fanatical support for EVs.

A current poll discovered that Trump was leading Biden 46% to 43% amongst UAW members in Michigan.

The former President is aggressively courting car employees in the state ahead of the 2024 Election.

“Biden, his mandate isn’t a government policy. It’s a federal government assassination of your tasks and of your industry,” Trump informed autoworkers at a rally. “The automobile market is being assassinated.”

Trump promised to rescind Biden’s EV mandate if he returns to the White House.

“For autoworkers, Biden’s forced transition is a transition to hell,” Trump added. “It’s a shift to joblessness and to inflation.”

The EV concern could provide Donald Trump the edge in a race that’s expected to come down the wire once again in Michigan.