Joe Biden was blindsided after James Comer hit him with this nasty curveball


Image by Gage Skidmore, CC BY-SA 2.0, by means of Flickr,

The House Republican politician examination into Joe Biden is taking an unexpected twist.

The embattled President is dealing with one issue he never anticipated.

And Joe Biden was blindsided after James Comer hit him with this nasty curveball.

Your Home Oversight Committee’s examination revealed explosive bank records that exposed Chinese money was funneled to President Joe Biden in 2017.

Money from CEFC China Energy, a company that collapsed in scandal and was linked to the Communist Chinese Celebration (CCP), was transferred through a series of shell companies before it wound up in the individual account of James and Sara Biden.

James Biden, the President’s younger bro, offered Joe a $40,000 check allocated for a “loan payment” shortly after getting the Chinese cash.

He likewise provided Joe a $200,000 check to pay back a loan on the same day he got a $200,000 payment from a having a hard time healthcare facility chain.

Rep. James Comer (R-KY), the Oversight Committee chair, said his examination is now looking into whether the loan repayments were a scheme to prevent paying taxes.

“The Democrats say it was a loan. They need to show where the cash came from,” Comer informed Simply the News, No Sound. “Did Joe Biden compose him an individual check? Or did it come from a corporate account?

Democrats have attempted to dismiss the alarming payments as James Biden paying back his brother for helping him out with an interest-free, short-term loan.

“Well, if it originated from a corporate account, and after that they paid him back, and it entered into his individual account, then he averted a significant amount of taxes there,” Comer discussed. “You can’t just withdraw cash from a corporate account or even an LLC like you do your individual funds or a sole proprietorship. There are significant tax consequences from withdrawing cash from a business account.”

Comer said he was “definitely” investigating whether Joe Biden followed tax laws.

Hunter Biden is embroiled in his criminal examination for tax crimes and now his daddy might be facing his own tax nightmare.

The Kentucky lawmaker promised that he would track down the records needed to determine if the President committed major tax criminal offenses.

“If he (Joe Biden) used corporate cash to loan Jim Biden cash and then, you understand, he put it back in his personal account, then that’s a huge issue,” Comer said.

Joe Biden has another major problem on his hands as the House Oversight Committee investigation opens up a new line of questions into his taxes.