Joe Biden simply mandated every cars and truck in America contain this hazardous kill switch


Picture by Gage Skidmore, CC BY-SA 2.0,, via Wikimedia Commons

Joe Biden’s power grabs are intruding on the flexibility and liberty of every American.

Today Biden’s gone too far.

Joe Biden just mandated every car in America include this dangerous kill switch.

Kentucky Republican politician Congressman proposed a modification to defund Joe Biden’s automobile eliminate switch required.

Starting in 2026, the Biden administration required all brand-new automobiles to consist of sensing units and electronic cameras to detect chauffeur impairment and closed down the automobile.

The mandate determines that the car eliminate switch will eventually move beyond intoxicated driving to other so-called “hazardous” habits.

This will unlock for the federal government to spy on every driver in America without obtaining a warrant in an outright offense of their Constitutional rights against unlawful search and seizure.

“In order for a cars and truck to be smart enough to know that you’re not driving well and to capture all those conditions properly, the vehicle would almost have to be smart enough to drive itself,” Massie informed the Washington Times. “It’s literally a back-seat motorist.”

Democrats want to cut back on the capability of Americans to drive since they claim it affects environment change.

Joe Biden already wishes to force Americans into more expensive and less efficient electrical vehicles.

And the Joe Biden car kill switch will likely be used to switch off cars and trucks coming from Americans who drive more than Democrat Celebration elites wish them to.

The fight against climate change is actually a battle to manage Americans’ lives.

That’s why Democrats wish to prohibit natural gas ranges and eliminate the oil and natural gas market.

Joe Biden’s automobile kill switch is the next advancement in a globalist plan to enforce the way of life choices liberal elites prefer on the rest of the American people.

Unfortunately, Massie’s amendment failed as 19 RINOs, consisting of Nancy Mace, accompanied the Democrats to oppose defunding Joe Biden’s cars and truck kill switch.