Joe Biden said five words about the election that Never-Trumpers cheered


Photo by Michael Stokes, CC BY 2.0,, through Wikimedia Commons

Democrats turned in a better-than-expected election night.

Liberals gloated over the outcomes.

And Joe Biden said 5 words about the election that Never-Trumpers cheered.

Joe Biden’s campaign fundraised off the fact that Kentucky Democrat Governor Andy Beshear defeated Republican opposition Daniel Cameron, Ohio citizens approved a ballot initiative preserving abortion-on-demand up until birth in the state constitution, and the Democrats flipped control of the Virginia Home of Delegates.

In a post on social networks, Biden stated that it was the night that “democracy won and MAGA lost.”

Biden’s project even needled critics in journalism and Democrat Celebration fretting over surveys revealing Trump leading him.

“Citizens vote. Polls do not,” Biden included. “Now let’s go win next year.”

Trump critics attempted to blame the reality that Beshear beat Cameron on Trump backing him.

RINO previous New Jersey Governor Chris Christie made that very same point on CNN.

“Daniel Cameron was a rising star in the Republican politician Party until he decided to toss his lot in with Donald Trump. I suggest, let’s face it, Donald Trump is political and electoral toxin down the tally. Down ballot, his endorsement has caused Republican beats in your house– in the Senate rather, and your home in ’18. In ’20, we lost the United States Senate and the White Home. In ’22, we underperformed badly. And this evening, you’re seeing us lose once again. Daniel Cameron made a huge mistake by accepting Donald Trump and offering his soul to him, and that’s what he did, and the voters in Kentucky– an extremely red state, as you kept in mind– provided their verdict on political leaders who sell their soul to Donald Trump,” Christie added.

The Kentucky race was much more complicated than that.

Republicans quickly won the races for Secretary of State and Attorney General.

Andy Beshear is the kid of a previous two-term popular Governor.

And Beshear’s own approval scores stayed above half thanks in large part to how he managed a pair of natural catastrophes.

However Beshear’s win permitted both Never-Trumpers and the Democrats to write Donald Trump’s political obituary for the umpteenth time.