Joe Biden got captured red-handed in this offensive blackmail scheme


Trump White Home Archive, Public Domain, through Flickr

Joe Biden reached a brand-new low.

Americans are outraged.

And Joe Biden got caught red-handed in this unspeakable blackmail scheme.

Joe Biden is attempting to reset his failing Presidency by intensifying foreign wars in the hopes dispute abroad will stimulate the patriotic impulses of Americans to support their leaders in a time of crisis.

To that end, Joe Biden proposed a $106 billion slush fund generally to fund the Ukraine war for another year to the tune of $60 billion dollars.

Biden intends to force Republican politicians to swallow this bitter pill by lumping the Ukraine boondoggle in with a $14 billion request for aid to Israel in the wake of the Hamas terrorist attack.

However that isn’t even the most dreadful part of Biden’s arm-twisting.

Biden schemed to use the images of dead Israeli kids to blackmail Republicans into choosing $850 million to traffic prohibited aliens into America.

Conservatives slammed Biden for trying to make use of a foreign crisis to broaden his open borders program.

“Providing the Biden Admin more money to fuel its devastating open-borders resettlement operation is insanity,” Tennessee Senator Costs Haggerty composed on social networks. “It would worsen the border crisis, not stop it.”

Conservative Texas Congressman Chip Roy tied Joe Biden’s ridiculous request for a $106 million slush fund to the continuous battle over who must be the next Speaker of your house.

“You know why we battle the facility? B/c the next Speaker will work out Biden ask for UNPAID FOR supplemental spending of approximately $118 billion, incl: $8-12bb Taiwan, 60-80bb Ukraine, 10bb Israel, 4-8bb Border, 8bb Worldwide Humanitarian help which will supply no genuine checks on Ukraine, provide ZERO actual border security while supplying more cash to process more people, supply billions of humanitarian help (how much to Hamas?), & continue to rack up mountains of financial obligation. Enough,” Roy posted on X.

Joe Biden’s seeking to pump $60 billion more into the war in Ukraine and hundreds of millions of dollars into a transit system for prohibited aliens into America ought to be reason enough for Republicans in Congress to decline this budget-busting plan.