Joe Biden got blindsided by this video that will result in his impeachment


Image by Gage Skidmore, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Flickr,

The evidence of Joe Biden’s corruption grows stronger every day.

Now the smoking cigarettes gun has actually shown up.

And Joe Biden got blindsided by this video that will result in his impeachment.

Among the important episodes Republicans are examining is from when Joe Biden was Vice President and pressured the Ukrainian government to fire district attorney Viktor Shokin after Shokin investigated Burisma– the energy business paying Hunter Biden $83,0000 a month to rest on its board of directors.

An FBI type FD-1023 consists of accusations from a trusted personal human informant that the creator of Burisma presumably paid Joe Biden a $5 million kickback to utilize his position as Vice President to fire Shokin.

Biden later bragged about successfully blackmailing the Ukrainian president into shooting Shokin.

Biden’s protectors in the Democrat Party and the media declared Biden pushed the Ukrainian President to fire Shokin in advancement of U.S. policy.

Shokin exposed that fallacy in a recently unearthed video.

“Biden was acting in his own interests, not the interests of the American people,” Shokin stated.

Shokin described that the investigations into Burisma were still open which Joe Biden had every reason to think that Hunter Biden would come under scrutiny.

“Joe Biden has factor to fear that the investigation would eventually fall on his kid,” Shokin included.

“The depiction of these investigations as ‘dormant’ has absolutely nothing to do with reality of the facts. I comprehend very well that the United States has among the best intelligence services worldwide, and of course, the investigation into Burisma was carefully monitored, not only by legal means, however likewise unlawful,” Shokin continued.

“We have to believe that Biden believed we were going to start questioning his son,” Shokin concluded.

The media keeps declaring there is no proof of Joe Biden’s corruption or misbehavior.

The truths state otherwise.

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