Joe Biden Gets Bad News From Independents, Approval Underwater


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Joe Biden is in trouble.

His approval rating is underwater.

According to a new poll, his approval rating is at only 40%.

69% of independents are unhappy with his performance.

50% strongly disapprove of Biden and 19% somewhat disapprove.

Breitbart reported:

President Joe Biden has an approval rating of 40 percent while 60 percent of Americans are unhappy with his performance as president, including almost 70 percent of independents, according to a CBS News/YouGov poll published Sunday.

Biden’s approval rating is on par with an Economist/YouGov poll released last week, which showed that 38 percent of Americans gave him positive marks regarding his performance versus 55 percent who disapproved. In that poll, six percent were undecided, while no such population is included in the latest YouGov survey.

Looking deeper, 79 percent of Democrats surveyed approve of Biden in the latest poll, while 92 percent of Republicans and 69 percent of independents disapprove. Exactly half of independents “strongly disapprove” of the president, while 19 percent “somewhat disapprove,” and only 31 percent approve of his performance to varying degrees. In other words, Biden has an abysmal net -38 approval rating among independents.

In more bad news for Biden, another poll found Trump leading among voters who don’t like Trump or Biden.

CNN reported:

But in our latest poll, Trump leads Biden by 7 points among the 29% of voters who view neither of them favorably. Significantly, a large chunk of this group (21%) said they either won’t vote or will vote for someone else in a Trump-Biden matchup.

Now a 7-point margin isn’t big enough to be too demonstrative; it’s within the margin of error. But recent polls from Quinnipiac University and The New York Times/Siena College also examined similar groups – those who liked neither man or those who disliked both. Both polls found Trump with a single-digit advantage and a lot of voters who said they wouldn’t vote for either likely major-party nominee.