Joe Biden gave the military one woke order that will leave you speechless


Photo by Official U.S. Navy by means of Wikimedia (CC BY 2.0)

America’s military remains in shambles under Joe Biden.

The nation simply passed the two-year anniversary of the most embarrassing military defeat given that the Vietnam War with the mishandled withdrawal from Afghanistan.

And now Joe Biden offered the military one woke order that will leave you speechless.

The military keeps missing its recruiting objectives.

Officials announced the militaries fell 15,000 troops except its 65,000 troop objective for the fiscal year.

“We are not going to make that objective,” Army Secretary Christine Wormuth affirmed during a May Congressional hearing. “We are doing everything we can to get as near to it as possible; we are going to fall short.”

One big factor the military missed its recruiting goals is due to the fact that it fended off Americans with Joe Biden’s woke mandates.

In 2021, Biden imposed a COVID-19 vaccine required and expelled anyone who did not comply.

Biden’s Flying force likewise began developing flight suits for pregnant female Flying force pilots.

Biden also listed Donald Trump’s restriction on transgender troops.

Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff General Mark Milley affirmed to Congress that he believed January 6 was the outcome of “white rage.”

And finally, Biden forced the military to comply with gender identity insanity.

The Secretary of Defense returned a draft of the end-of-tour citation for the retiring Milley due to the fact that it did not consist of the correct pronouns describing Milley as “him” instead of “themself.”

Page 49 of the Handbook of Military Decorations and Awards checks out:

Superior Meritorious Service (e.g., PCS and Retirement awards): (Rank) First M. Last, Jr., United States (Armed Force Service), differentiated themself by remarkable meritorious service in a position of substantial obligation as (position and task project), from (month year) to (month year).

The function of the United States military is to protect peace and liberty for the American individuals.

The militaries do not work as a lab for woke social engineering and experimentation on the latest left-wing fads.

But that is precisely what Joe Biden and his administration turned the militaries into.

And at a time when Communist China is threatening war with the United States over Taiwan, Joe Biden’s woke program driving away recruits represents a nationwide security danger.