Joe Biden faces impeachment over this stunning sex scandal


Florida Legislature, Public domain, by means of Wikimedia Commons

Joe Biden is managing the most scandal-plagued administration anyone can keep in mind.

Republicans are turning up the heat with their investigation.

And now Joe Biden faces impeachment over this stunning sex scandal.

Florida Congressman Greg Stuebe is the latest Republican to present short articles of impeachment against Joe Biden.

Stuebe revealed on Newsmax he intended to impeach Joe Biden over a familiar set of charges surrounding Biden supposedly accepting a $5 million allurement as Vice President in exchange for pressuring the President of Ukraine to fire a district attorney examining the energy company Burisma for corruption.

However Stuebe included some new eyebrow-raising allegations about Joe Biden’s supposed participation in prostitution and drugs.

“Tomorrow, I mean on submitting an impeachment resolution on Joe Biden for bribery, for extortion, blockage of justice, scams, monetary participation in drugs and prostitution,” Stuebe told host Rob Schmitt. “We have all the realities and proof now. In the start of this Congress, Republicans wanted to make certain that we did the examinations, that we got the details prior to the American people.”

The prostitution claims most likely describe reports in the Washington Examiner that Hunter Biden allegedly spent $30,000 on Russian escorts between November 2018 and March 2019 with Joe Biden’s monetary assistance.

“Hunter Biden spent over $30,000 on escorts, much of whom were connected to ‘. ru’ Russian e-mail addresses and dealt with an ‘special model company’ called UberGFE throughout a 3 1/2 month period between November 2018 and March 2019,” the Examiner reported.

The Examiner reported that Joe Biden wired Hunter Biden $100,000 throughout this time duration, which enabled Hunter Biden to cover his tab.

“In one circumstances, Joe Biden wired his child $5,000 less than three hours before he shot a dispute with an escort over a $10,000 payment at a cottage in Boston, Massachusetts,” the Examiner likewise reported.

The conflict between Hunter Biden and Eva took place over just how much it would cost Hunter Biden for 16 hours with among the escorts.

In the middle of this argument, Joe Biden wired Hunter Biden adequate cash to cover his tab.

“Eva stated the total charge for 16 hours would be $9,500. At 5:17 p.m. that day, Eva directed that he wire the funds to a checking account linked to a lady with a Russian e-mail address,” the Inspector’s story read.

“Less than 90 minutes later, at 6:31 p.m., Hunter Biden got an email notifying him that “Joseph R Biden Jr.” had actually sent him $5,000 through Money App. Joe Biden’s then-assistant Richard Ruffner texted Hunter Biden that same minute notifying him he “was only able to do $5000 since the weekly limit is $7,500,” the story continued.

If Joe Biden knew why he was circuitry the money to Hunter Biden then he could be a device to prostitution.

There needs to be evidence to corroborate that charge.

It’s now up to Congressman Stuebe to support his claims.

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