Jim Jordan demolished Democrats for this crazy lie to safeguard Joe Biden


The White Home, Public domain, through Wikimedia Commons

Joe Biden’s web of deceptiveness around his household’s influence-peddling plan is being exposed.

Democrats are rushing to attempt and safeguard him.

And Jim Jordan destroyed Democrats for this insane lie to defend Joe Biden.

Hunter Biden’s former friend and organization partner Devon Archer provided bombshell testimony to your home Oversight Committee about the First Family.

Archer, who served on the board of Ukrainian energy business Burisma, affirmed that he heard President Joe Biden talk company with his child more than 20 times and was on the phone with Hunter while he talked to his service partners.

This was more evidence that the long-running claim by the President that he never ever talked company with his child was an overall lie.

Democrats began to damage control after the hearing was over by declaring that Hunter was “offering the illusion of gain access to” to Joe Biden by putting him on the phone.

Rep. Dan Goldman (D-NY) laughably declared that the Bidens only talked about the weather on these call.

Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) wiped out the Democrats ridiculous talking indicate protect Joe Biden’s corruption during a Fox News interview.

“The entire concept was, I’m going to get the Vice President on the phone talking with customers and individuals we’re working with,” Jordan stated. “Naturally, they’re not going to speak about company, that wasn’t what was needed. What was needed is, of, I can get my dad on the phone who happens to be Vice President of the most crucial country in history, who has a great deal of influence in D.C. I can get him on the phone. ‘Hey, everybody, do you want to state hi to the Vice President?'”

Putting Joe Biden on the phone sufficed for Hunter Biden’s organization partners to understand whom they were getting access to by working with him.

“All of us understood what these calls were,” Jordan continued. “We didn’t require anybody to tell us what they discussed. We knew how, it was exactly how Mr. Archer described it. Everybody comprehends it. That’s the brand name. That’s the access. It wasn’t an illusion of access.”

Archer testified that Burisma wished to put Hunter Biden on the board of the company because of his family’s “brand.”

The impression of gain access to claim is a misdirection from Democrats to deflect from the fact that Hunter Biden was putting the then-Vice President on the phone.

No matter what Joe Biden may have said, his existence on the call is direct access to the Vice President of the United States.

And Devon Archer’s testimony confirmed that Joe Biden invested years lying to the public about talking company with his boy.

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